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Monday, February 1, 2010

Blind Item #1

So in honor of the awards Sunday, I have a bit of juicy gossip for you. This couple has been together for a long time, he never half-asses anything. On the outside they look perfect. She is off making movies and he is...well I dunno what he has been doing. Awhile ago he was thought to be the next big thing, the original Beyonce. They thought he was committing career suicide, which usually happens when they break free. He soared in the industry and soared through some a-list asses too. He settled with this particular girl, who is for sure a-list ass. Of course, her image is a bit squeaky clean, but that's neither here nor there. So while she is off making some eh kinda movies, he stayed at home. Supposedly working on new projects but he is your typical Alpha male. The only thing he was working on was some down low loving. Well one day, their computer needed fixed ....or so he thought. It stopped working right in the middle of his research. Turns out, the gay and str8 porn just slowed it down. He left, thinking he had turned the computer off. She came home and tried to print out something for a friend of hers. The computer had just went to sleep so when it came on, everything he had been watching, every chat room he was in, every picture looked at, just popped right up in the open for her to see. Oh, did I mention that she came home with some friends, who all stood behind her, jaws dropped as moaning escaped through the speakers. He claimed that he was doing research for a role. She knew that he hadn't been offered anything since his last lil flick. He moved out and she decided to take some me time and disappear to heights that no one would see her for a few weeks. He is bumming around town like nothing is wrong. And it's not really, cause no one knows that they broke up, almost a year ago!!! They plan on having a mutual break-up, something he had in the past but only because the first time it was bad. He wasn't about to say he did it again! But my spies inform me that his "research" started years and years ago. And when it did, he and 2 buddies "studied" together at the same time!!! Well one of those buddies tried to forget it ever happened and pretty much went after any desperate woman the other buddy realized he liked his studies and kept at them. But the one I'm talking about figured if he got tutoring on the side he could still keep up his straight edge image.
It's NOT John Mayer or Joe Jonas.


Anonymous said...

Is he...

J T?

Anonymous said...

that's my guess, too...the previous break-up with cam, former boy-bander, all seems to match.