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Monday, February 1, 2010

Blind Tidbits

#1 Which some-what famous singer was in a ladies room most of the evening at a very A list party? She was in there doing, what you think. She kept ditching her date, an actor, to go play tonsil hockey in the bathroom with this famous woman.

#2 This closeted guy is well known for his list of ladies and partying. But what no one knows is that his list of ladies are actually a list of ladies that are best friends of the guy he is doing that night. I wonder what his mother thinks?

#3 and this last one I saw with my own two eyes. Which gossip columnist actually get paid by some of the celebs he writes about to drop their names in any way? They actually help him come up with the stories!!!

It's not
#1 Fergie
#2 Gerard Butler
#3 Perez Hilton


Anonymous said...

That gossip columnist sounds like Just Jared to me

Anonymous said...

Could definitely be Ted Casablanca too!

Anonymous said...

1. No idea

2. Leo di Caprio

3. No idea