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Monday, February 1, 2010

You Be The Judge

I have not really been that vocal about the SPN gossip. I am now submitting the following evidence and letting you draw your own conclusions. I couldn't find pictures of Jared and Gen together. But I feel as if these photos speak a thousand words.


Anonymous said...

You're missing this one. A true gem in my collection. When i feel disgusted about something, i look at this thing and go "yeah, but not that disgusted, no". Helping.


Take it you understand why SPN fans are going quite crazy these days -with desperation. Seems like there's nothing to be done, however, because it's their lives... Still, general opinion is that, regardless of wether he's gay, bi or str8 -Jensen needs to get rid of Daneeeel. I humbly agree.

And because Ted C was asked this very question, I'd like to ask you now "Do you like Jared and Jensen?". Like, at all?

I know in the end, I'm just a silly fangirl that maybe gets over enthusiastic when boys touch each other. But what do you see?

captcha! "attitudes tourists". What did I tell you?

Anonymous said...

I Do like Jensen and Jared. Whatever they may be dealing with I wish them the best.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is old! You may not see it but that's me in the first comment. And the other anon is no anon at all. That's GB! Back in the days of LiveJournal. The memories :-D

rog said...

I agree that Jensen & Jared seem much more at ease with each other then Jensen appears to be with Danneel. Jensen just may not like to have his private life caught on film. By all reports he is a very private person. Also the J's have been working very closely both physically and emotionally for over 5 years and have probably sent more time with each other then with anyone else, so it is no surprise that they would be comfortable in each others personal space. I dont necessarily read anything sexual in that.

Alice said...

Rog, Jensen and Danneel had been dating for three year before they got engaged.