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Monday, February 1, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

Dear Gossip Boy,
Love your blog!!  I find your identity just as fascinating as your gossip.  There is debate over whether you are the real deal... but I'm inclined to believe you. I have a few easy questions I'm hoping you'll be kind enough to answer :)

1. Are you a regular on a current TV series or are movies your thing?
2. What age group are in?  < 25,   25 - 30,  or  >30?
3. Ted C estimated that only 20% of men in the entertainment industry were completely straight. Would you agree?

 Why is H'Wood SO obsessed with keeping people closeted? My circles involve people of many different flavors, and honestly, no one even thinks twice about it. Sexuality has no bearing on talent!

I do believe you're right. Sexuality has NO bearing on talent.  But it's the close minded studio and television exec that believe that middle America would want nothing to do with gay actor and is unable of playing straight.  I do believe that if all the actors and actresses took a stand together, it would be  revolution.  They wouldn't be able to fire 75% of the entire acting industry. Okay so I will answer your questions, probably not as much as you like.  I am in the 20-35 age range.  I have both television and movie roles on my resume, however, the television gigs are now far and few between.  And I have much respect for Ted C. He knows some of my secrets as well as a lot of people I know.  He has NEVER sold us out, though he may write about us in an oblivious way.  But there is definitely a stronger gay ratio i Hollywood then the straight.

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Anonymous said...

^^ Thanks much for responding to my email! Of course I still have no clue who you are, but I've at least been able to rule out a few people... haha.

Speaking of Ted C... the Nelly Fang blind makes me salivate... so many Hot Vamps to imagine in that role. Ted said "even he" was shocked in regard to Nelly's identity. At first I thought it was Stephen Moyer (wishful thinking ;) or Ian Somerhalder, but Ted has "Notted" them both. Do you know who Nelly is too?