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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

Dear Gossip Boy,
Can you tell us anything about all the haters out there that swear you are fake? What about the story the was supposedly fed to you that was fake?
Thanks, Jackie

I have been hearing about the fake story, actually from Gigi.  We have received a lot of email about tips and rumors.  One of those emails actually panned out to something, the Rise and Shine Blind.  Maybe when they sent the email they intended it to be fake or whatever they thought that they would accomplish.  Maybe it was an accident that they picked the celeb they did, but what I heard was an earful.  I am an actor, I am very well known.  You guys can believe me or not, I'm not doing this for me.

What about the video tape?  If it is J2, does that mean Jared cheated on Jensen with Gen?  Is it possible the bodyguard has it? I love your blog!

I never said or stated that J2 was involved in the video.  Hypothetically, if it was them, they would do anything to keep up their charade, as does a lot of Hollywood.  Some gay guys are still in denial.  Not everyone is sure about their identity and they have slip ups.  I have often questioned my sexuality, I think when you are gay or bi, you have little moments here and there.

Gossip Boy,
Where are the updates about Rob and Kristen?!?  How re we supposed to believe you when we hear nothing!  And if they are engaged, Kristen is so young.  Why would they do it?

Well, yes Kristen is young.  And if these rumors are true, which I do believe but haven't seen with my own eyes yet, maybe it's more of a promise ring.  Yes, I did hear that Rob proposed, but that doesn't mean they are walking down the aisle anytime soon.  I hear Kristen is more insecure when it comes to their relationship since every girl wants Rob.  Is it possible he did it to make her feel less insecure.  Stupid reason if so, but who knows.  I know Rob is head over heels for Kristen and would do anything for her.

Dear Gossip Boy,
What is the deal with Jennifer Aniston?  She bounces from guy to guy and she is always playing the victim!  What is wrong with her?  Is she really seeing Gerard?

Jennifer had settled in with Brad and probably thought that she had found her happy ending.  That was ripped out from underneath her in a very public, hurtful way.  Yes I know that it's been years but it scarred her.  She is un-willing to trust any guys, not that I blame her.  She does need to realize her age though, she isn't getting any younger and she wants a family.  If she found the right guy at the right time, our old Jenny would be back.

Is it possible that Alice in wonderland is Lindsay Lohan?

Lindsay could be Alice, but years ago.  This young woman isn't as cracked as Lindsay...yet.

Gossip Boy,
WE NEED SPN scoop!!! Please!!  Is Jensen going to get married?

Jensen's wedding I hear is being planned slowly and carefully.  I think if anyone gets married first, it will be Jared.  There is some love there.

Dearest Gossip Boy,
Please tell me what is up with A.Skars and K. Bos?  Are they really a couple?  Why is he saying he is single?

Do you have a thing for A? I do!  But as far as I know, he is single.  He is gaining popularity and becoming a lady's man.  He would be stupid to sink his fangs into someone permanently at this point.  And he knows it!  But does Kate? That, my dear, is the question!

Is McHottie a television or a movie star?  I have sinking suspiscions on who he and you are but I have never seen you phtographed together.  Please give us a hint.

McHottie has been on both.  Of course we are not photographed together.  Most of the time we are not out together.  We may be in the same town or city, but we have been through training. We know better.  I will give you one hint about him and me..... we are both over 5'5.

Happy Reading, keep your questions coming!

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the tape thing is the J's but I just don't see Jared cheating he doesn't seem that type of guy

Anonymous said...

more gossip on Rob n Kristen. Please!

Anonymous said...

What if J2 hasn't consummated their relationship!? Maybe Jared didn't cheat at all, that would explain Jensen looking bummed out

Anonymous said...

Well him and Jensen have obviously been together since way before the engagement was announced so either way sleeping with her while being with Jensen still constitutes cheating, confused about your sexuality or not is no excuse. Jensen's probably bummed that Jared has to go through with this charade.

bronze said...

Too bad Scummit gave you a wrist slapping like they did Rob and Kristen. I guess engagement is now "promise to be engaged to be married some day"

Nice diversion from the truth.

Stacy said...

GB is a total fraud, but I enjoy his stories, so who cares? Its not like any other blind bloggers are real either.

Anonymous said...

He is not a fraud! Why do you say that?

Robsten88 said...

to February 9, 2010 10:10 AM

How do you know he is not a fraud? and i´m sorry GB, i like read your post but this Robsten story seems a little "fanfiction"?! Kristen doesn´t seem a insecure girl. And how do you know Rob "is head over heels for Kristen and would do anything for her." Please give us a proof and then YES i´ll believe you and I'll be the first one to ask apologize. Until there sorry but i´m not buy it :) but love read your blog

Anonymous said...

Please continue covering Robsten.

Anonymous said...

Does some people really believe this dude or ted and delaney, if so people are really stupid. Like they would know how kristen and rob feel. Please robsten people don't make fool of yourself. Have better self estim of yourself. This BS. It's because of people believing in stupidity without proof that the US is stuck in irak. Didn't we learn something from that, don't believe everything you hear without any proove to back it up. This is ridiculous.

And for god sake what would kristen be insecured of rob female fans? Jesus can it be more pathetic?

Anonymous said...

You spelled Iraq wrong. He has always said it was hearsay. I don't get the haters. First of all learn how to spell you illiterate asshole. What do you want hi to do, he could blow his cover.

Anonymous said...

I believe Kristen might be insecure about all the actresses and models and other celebrity women who may make a play for Rob...not his fans LOL. Like any of us have a chance! PFTT...But to propose marriage is a serious promise. One that should not be broken. No man should propose and not really mean it- its misleading. Rob doesnt seem to be that kinda guy- more of a straight shooter/honest. So I doubt he proposed.