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Monday, February 15, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

Dear Gossip Boy,
I am still on the fence if you are legit but I like you and I enjoy reading your site. I am a Ted Casablanca fan and I wonder, does he know your identity? I love Jake Gyllenhaal and Austin Nichols together. Any gossip on them to share? Could you tell us about them in a blind item?
Thanks Jen

Dear Jen,
Ted has heard of me but however he doesn't know about The Gossip Boy Site. See, people still think I am fake and this is a site of lies so I still have that going for me. As for Jake and Austin, I'm sure things will happen shortly and it won't need to be in a blind.

Gossip Boy,
I understand that you are trying to hide your identity, but I think I know who you are. I'll make my guess...but I know its probably a long shot, but are you Chase Crawford? only ask this because you said you were at Fashion Week and your name is Gossip Boy, and the show that Chase is in is called Gossip Girl. I'm a Robsten fan so thank you for the information on the ring. I think you're really insightful and you tell it like it is, and you don't seem like a liar, Thats very good many people aren't like that in the fame game, and you are so props to you.

I am happy you love me! I am not Chace though. He isn't anywhere near as mature and talented as me!

Dear Gossip Boy,
What is your take of Kate and Skarsgard? Is he really still dating around? Do you think she's trying to manipulate something into being or that the two are in fact dating and he won't admit it? Or is this well in advance of movie opening publicity seeking? Seems a little early for that, since Straw Dogs has a Feb 2011 release date. Also, what's your opinion on the cocaine diet and Chris Martin rumours for Kate? True, not true? Is she a sweetie?

Dear Curious,
Alexander knows that he is hot property right now and he also know that tying himself to one woman would be insane. However, sources say that when is with Kate all of that goes out the window. As for the cocaine diet rumors, I thought that was the biggest diet fad in Hollywood since the Atkins. Can't single out on girl for using a method so popular in her industry.

Dear Gossip Boy,
Are Gigi's original initials M.P?

Dear Mystery Man,
No, Gigi's initials are not M.P. Sorry but Mary Poppins she isn't.

Dear GB,
First off, love to you, shit flinging to the haters. Robsten?? Is it over??!
Twilighter At Heart

Dearest TAH,
They are very much still together but just obeying Summit and cooling off a little bit.  Trust me, they are still seeing each other. But in the public eye, seems Summit has won.  I'd say just wait until Eclipse overdrive starts.

I was wondering: I once told you that I would DIE if you were Zachary Quinto on twitter, but you never quite denied it. I don't think you actually are him, but I think I got somehow close. Am I right?
I love your tweets and your blog always makes me smile ;)

Thanks so much for you love and support! I'm glad I could bring a smile to your face with the blog, sadly i fear it will go away when I tell you I am not Zachary Quinto.

Sorry my bad English :(
Do you believe that J2 is a pair? And if so, do you think they have a chance to be together.
Or Jared will be this month married with G
Thanks for your answer

Well Dear,
J2 is a pair of something that is for sure. In just a couple of weeks Jared and Gen will be married. It's the other wedding that you have to wonder about. Remember the boys that talk their penis up so much that you couldn't wait to see it and then when you did you realized WHY they talked it up so much. That's they way I feel about Daneel and Jensen. She has spent so much time building it up and selling us on it, that it makes you wonder if she is selling us on it or herself.

Dear Gossip Boy,
I just found your blog & love it. What is your take on Toothy Tile? And Nelly Fang, from Ted Casablanca?

I am not going to sit here and pretend to know anything about Ted's BV's. I will say from reading them i have figured out most of them, but only because I have heard the rumors. Toothy, if he is who I think he is, is probably going to be not as Blind anymore. As for Nelly, I have no clue. I thought I did, then I was wrong. But with Ted's last BV, it makes me wonder if he isn't Spanish, with the mucho quote. And didn't Antonio Banderas once play a Vampire? Just wondering.

I think I may have it figured out ... Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

I don't know what you think you figured out since you just sent a name, but if you mean is that me? Then no.

hi gossip boy!
i enjoy reading your blog and trying to see if i know your blind items. Anyways, i have a question with regards to Nikki reed - where is she right now? I'm hearing she's out of the US... but i am not sure... and is it really true that she had some kind of "relationship" with rob Pattinson?
Ms. Cullen

Dear Esme,
Rob and Nikki had some kind of relationship that mainly involved rocking the trailer of love. But that was in a time long ago and far, far away.


Anonymous said...

Thanks GB! I really am a HUGE fan!

Anonymous said...

too bad about j2, doesn't sound like there's much hope for them :(

Anonymous said...

that is a good guess for Nelly

Emily said...

GB, I believe you're legit and I appreciate your deets so I'm going to help you out a bit on this one.

You need to stop relying on Ted or Lainey or whoever else continues to perpetuate this lie for your NR intel.
Rob and Nikki NEVER had anything that would approximate any kind of trailer rocking.
RP has only ever rocked one Twi trailer and it's the one he still currently rocks.

He would never have done anything to jeopardize that or hurt her (and that includes shunning all potential FWB offers from NR, Camilla Belle and whoever else was offering.)

Nikki has not always been Team Kristen, but Rob most certainly has.

Anonymous said...

GB, are you the guy I saw with Chace in Central Park last night arguing?

Anonymous said...

OMG! Emily are you ROB?!!! You MUST be...cause how else would u know who he has effed or is effing! Oh you're NOT Rob? Then STFU!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well, that's depressing about Skarsgard and Bosworth. Not just that he's taken with someone who hasn't got the best rep but that he's decided to play the PR game and lie about it. She wins points by it, but he loses.

Anonymous said...

What about my email!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Banderas is Nelly Fang. He's only played a vampire once years ago and Ted said Nelly is currently playing a vampire. We all know it's A. Skarsgard. All the clues fit him and Ted has 'notted' everybody but him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Jake and Austin gossip. Please give us more about them!

Anonymous said...

You're a little behind the times on Nelly clues. Ted said that the guess of Scott Speedman was not right but an excellent kind of guess because you have to as creative in linking clues as that guesser was--and Speedman only played a half vampire some time ago. Ted's never said Nelly is currently playing a vampire, only that he has and is currently a hot property. None of the usual suspects are the answer.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ted has said that it's a current vampire. He said "biggest hunkiest vampire" and one who has girly fans. One who HAS fans, not one who HAD fans which would be the case if the actor in question played a vampire a long time ago.

Trixie Firecracker said...

Could Gigi be MagGIe GYllenhaal?