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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

 Dear Gossip Boy,
You started quite a mess with your picture of Jared and Gen at the alter.  Who sent you that picture or did you steal it from another website?  

I am going to explain this one more time, Love.  I made a bet with a friend that was simply for fun.  I bet them $1,000 bucks that something would happen and the wedding wouldn't go down.  It was a bet made one drunken night awhile ago that to be honest, I had forgotten about.  I was then sent the picture in a text message.  I do not know where that picture came from other then the person I now owe $1,000 bucks to.

You first said that the tape was stolen, and then said the camcorder was stolen.  Which was it?  And if you saw it, how can you say it was dark and shadowy but a really hot kiss?

Dear Reporter,
First of all, when is the last time anyone used a VHS tape?  It was a digital camcorder that was reportedly hooked up to the television as they watched.  Second, the kiss was in a dark area and though it took a lot of straining, it became obvious who it was.  And even if it wasn't, the way one was pushed up against the wall was hot, in the shadows or not.

I have to say that I love you and your decision to out your fellow actors and actresses.  I have some guesses for some of your blinds and I'm just going to throw them all out there.  McHottie = Ed Westwick.  In the stupid cupid blinds, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Genvieve Padalecki.

Henry, Henry, Henry
Ed Westwick is not my type at all.  I'm a Chuck Bass fan, but not that much.  As for the stupid cupid guesses, you guessed three that you can knock out of the running cause it ain't about them.  Remember that I said Rainbow Dark was older and more established.  Also, I am not outing my fellow stars, I am simply letting you guys enjoy the hearing the true behind the scenes story.

Gossip Boy,
Hey,  Given your post today I have a follow up...Would you say you are more famous than Jake G, less famous or the same? 
:)Are you having fun?  I am.....
Virtual Me

I'd say that our fame is about the same level, if you ask me.

Gossip King,
What are the chances you would tell me if that blind item about Alice In Wonderland is Demi Lovato?La La Land  I love you and have my own idea who you are, but I'll keep your secret.

Thanks for keeping my secret, though I don't think you would ever guess my identity, though I hear people have begun gathering clues.  Just means I'll have to be more stealth.  As for Demi, I hear she isn't all sugar and spice, but she also isn't Alice in Wonderland.  Think a little more stylish.

Do you have any scoop on Rob and Kristen?  They are together, we all know that now.  But what the hell about the ring?

As far as I know, she still has the ring.  And we all know that they are going strong after all of the sightings over the past week.  With Rob in NYC this week maybe I can manage to actually see him myself.  Of course we have only met once but I'm pretty awesome so you never know.

Can you tell us if you were ever on a Soap Opera.  You talk about them an you mention Frances Reid dying so I am curious.  And what happened to the waitress who got knocked up and paid off?

Funny you should mention that.  I hear that four days ago she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl.  She was smart and gave the baby her last name but I wouldn't count her out just yet.  She got paid a lot, but once the well runs dry I'm sure that little girl will be popping up on reality show too.  And no, I was never on a soap opera, though I am close friends with some previous and current daytimers.

You are hilarious.  Your sarcasm and views make me laugh out loud at work sometimes.  Can you give me a hint about the stupid cupid blind.  I really want to know who poor Justin Case is.  Is he by some slight chance Chad Michael Murray?

Justin isn't CMM but you are on the right track.  And thanks, I like to think I am freakin hilarious.

Totally random, but have you ever met Gale Harold?
Via Twitter  @I_Aim2Misbehave

I have actually met him once or twice at charity events.  I'm assuming by that question, it refers to the Queer As Folk-ness.  Gale hasn't been outed to me, but he pinged on my gaydar.  Always heard rumors, and always wanted a little piece of him.

what is the real scoop on Kevin Jonas? My gaydar tells me that boy is as gay as they come. Are we talking marriage contract?
via Twitter @MizV2010

I know that it was the second day of their honeymoon and she was outside texting.  And I know that they got the most gayest looking dog a man could own.  But, Kevin isn't the most interesting Jonas by far.  He was a virgin when they married.  Maybe after a couple of failed attempts she decided to text her gf's and bitch about not test driving the car before buying it.  



I_Aim2Misbehave said...

Wow, a lot to wake up to this morning..haha. Glad my twitter question about Gale was answered... I love that guy. He's so damn sexy I like to think of him as omnisexual ...haha.

MizV2010 said...

Wow...a lot can transpire in the wee hours I see.

LOL from your twitter feed said...

Panicked, I sent @Original_Gigi to SpaHalekulani but I have head from her. Scared shitless, but so far okay
17 hours ago reply

Say whut?!

godo said...

"Justin isn't CMM but you are on the right track." Any more clues? What is the right track? Looks-wise? Celebrity level? Doucheness degree?

Anonymous said...

Anyone click in the links? They rae hilarious, especially Geneivieve's

Discobitch said...

btw it was Jared n Gen not Jensen n Gen unless theres something i dont know about???

gisele1986 said...

Hey I heard Nick Jonas is gay and apparantly he has an ex-boyfriend who has some scandelous pictures of him/them, is that true?

Anonymous said...

Jake!*clears throat* i mean GB, Do you think that Chad Michael Murray ever been with or sleeped with Jared Padalecki? Ted has hinted, but im not sure if i should trust him.
And do you personally know one of the Js? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

GB, if you are Jake, then please give us more Jake and Austin gossip. we love them together! :)

Anonymous said...

You guys know if you click on the links it has clues. That reality link about the blind leads to the hills. Wonder if spencer knocked a waitress up

Anonymous said...

Gossip Boy, as we can tell by the huge fail that was the bearding showmance with Reese, Jake is not good at pretending. I don't think Jake would be slick enough to maintain a gossip site and not give up clues on who he is (unless Jake is really been leading a totally hidden life away from pap lenses). But, are you James Franco? I think he would be very good at not giving up info if he didn't want to.

Anonymous said...

Justin Case = Austin Nichols
McHottie = Chace Crawford
Rainbow Dark = Jason Mamoa? (Jared & he were up for the Conan role)

Anonymous said...

GB are you Jake Gyllenhall?
Or James Franco?
Tell me please, i will and always keep you secret hidden, trust me!!
But i really want to know who you are! Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, i just found out about the link/clues. Hilarious! I am checking all the old posts now.

Anonymous said...

Hey when asked about CMM, the CMM link goes to a Austin Nichols movie. Think he is Justin Case?