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Monday, March 1, 2010

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

So I have been asked a lot about the Jonas Brothers lately.  Not going to lie, I am not a fan.  Sorry, not my cup of tea.  While I may not be a fan of their music, I am a fan of them.  Well 2 out of the 3 are sexy I must say.  Yes, they are young, but I cannot help it.  Trust me, sometimes, I am ashamed, others I'm too turned on to notice.
While I cannot confirm just yet, I can promise this.  One of these things is NOT like the other.  And soon I'll be able to share why.


Lucy said...

WOW. One of them is straight?

MizV said...

2 years ago I heard that Kevin (the oldest) had a boyfriend in NJ. Watch a couple epis of JONAS to see how effeminate he is. My 'dar pings like a mofo when see that boy. FF to last year when pix start coming out of him and his "GF" Dani - a hairdresser from NJ that he met when both of their families were vacationing in the Bahamas together - kinda convenient, no? So just a year later, the wedding happens, and in my mind, it's a conract - no different than TomKat. Do you think the most pristine musical family since the Osmonds could withstand a gay scandal? I don't. As for the other 2, I think Nick's virginity was gone when he dated Miley Cyrus when they were 16. Joe either lost it to Taylor Swift or Camilla Belle. My guess is Tay wouldn't give it up, so he dumped her for Camilla who would, but she was also getting it from a few other fellas too so she kicked Joe to the curb when she realized he was doing nothing for her career. Incidentally, have you seen her since she s**tcanned him? Neither have I. Now why didn't I make this a blog entry on my own site??

Anonymous said...

Well i dont know, if one of them are gay then come out and he still be awesome!, Most of them are known for thier music, not for their personal lifes, i mean they are not my cup of tea, but they seem nice and pretty good, so whatever they are hiding just get it out and live it out!

MizV said...

The Jonas machine is a tightly-run ship. They boys were not even allowed to have Twitter accounts until Nick got his side projct, and being the mature kid that he is, I think he would be trusted to not be an ass on it. Several months later Joe got very recently. He's 20 years old for God's sake - if he wasn't allowed to have a twitter account until he was 20 1/2, what do you think the Jonas Machine did to Kevin about being gay? No way in hell are they letting that out. And Daniella Deleasa is gonna be one RICH Jersey girl and I assume she will be pumping out a kid to prove the marriage is legit while Kevin does his own "side project". Like I sad - TomKat all over again.

Anonymous said...

misv - wrong jonas brother. i know for a fact joe's gay. i waited outside a bathroom in bryant park a couple back b/c my boy went in there on an arrangement with joe.
if he's like he was back then, joe was never scared of being outed, but his parents are controlling as fuck.