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Friday, February 5, 2010

Did Taylor Let John In Her Wonderland?

I am sure that everyone has heard the rumors of Taylor Swift having a lapse of judgment and has been seen all over town with John Mayer. Well InTouch Magazine has reported that not only have they been spending time together, they apparently have spent the night together! Now I am not taking this magazine that seriously, after all it's InTouch, but us assistants stick together. So I placed a couple of calls and threatened a couple of friends, sorry I still love you, and i have found out that they were both seen entering a hotel around the same time. They were smart enough not to enter together, but only had about a ten minute interval in between .
Now I don't know Taylor Swift was thinking. John dates women that get him attention, so this makes sense. But Tay?! Hopefully all this bad publicity doesn't get to her and pulls a Britney. What does a country singer do when she flips out? Moves into a trailer park and marry her cousin?


pomme said...

she has really bad taste on men!

Anonymous said...

If it will get her in the headlines, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Lainey sed it happened...BLECH! Taylor should take a bath in clorox stat! :/