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Friday, February 5, 2010

EXTRA Blind Items

I thought you might like some extra Blind Items...and these two have me stumped! I am trying to figure them out as I sit here waiting for the snow and opening fan letters for our friend.

BlindGossip – When you are an action star, people naturally assume that you are as macho and confident in bed as you are on the screen. That’s why it comes as a bit of a surprise to learn that not only is this actor terrible in bed, he’s also very vocal about it. His former bedmate reports that in order for him to become fully engaged, she needs to shout his name over and over again while they are having sex. Even funnier is the revelation that if she stops doing it, our action star will begin shouting his own name over and over again.

CDAN – I guess this actress is B- list. It’s tough. She has been in some big movies and was the lead actress and has been in some big television shows too. But, she just doesn’t feel like a B. Anyway, she has had some very public alcohol problems in the past. She told everyone she was clean now. Well, she isn’t. She is drinking again and this is just after she and her girlfriend decided to have a baby. So, our actress is pregnant and drinking again. Not a great combination.


pomme said...

action guy: gerald butler?
actress:michelle rodriguez?

Anonymous said...

action guy: bruce willis?