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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Save The Bonnie Hunt Show

So as I sit here watching late night television, I stumbled upon The Bonnie Hunt show. I love this show, but they have moved it around so much and now it is on in the middle of the night. Well, long story short, she mentioned that they were canceling her show.

I was highly irritated because of all the trash on television, this talk show is a bright, sunny distraction. I constantly crack up with GB every time we watch this show. Bonnie is like a cool Mom that you get to hang out with for an hour.

This is a clip of Sterling Knight on her show. Now, I didn't really know who this kid was, but it was the most hilarious interview I have ever seen. I ask you guys to watch the YouTube clips and if you enjoy the show and find yourself laughing, click on the link above the clips and sign the petition to save her talk show. What else have you got to do for the next three minutes?

The Bottom clip is the best ever. She and Gerard Butler sending dirty text messages during her show. Seriously!!! You will laugh your ass off!

Sign The Petition!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love Bonnie Hunt. I had no idea they were taking her show off the air, thanks you guys! I signed the petition.