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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Kids On The Block....Feel Old Yet?

Some of you young kids are probably sitting there wondering who the hell the New Kids On The Block are. Well picture an early 90's version of *NSYNC. Of course, I rocked my own NKOTB apparel and if those pictures ever see the light of day again, someone will die.

But as much as I and every other teenage girl at that time loved The New Kids, I'm sure that we are all feeling a little embarrassed for them every time they attempt to make a comeback. Do they not realize that their then teenage fans are now in their thirties and probably parents? I am all for Hanging Tough but dude's, you gotta let it go.

But the sad part is, people are still camping out for tickets to see their show AND they are Radio City Music Hall for TWO nights in June. Their latest album, The Block, was released in 2008 and didn't stink up the charts! And they have a documentary coming out called Coming Home. AND in May, they are having a cruise to the Bahama's for 2,000 of their fans and them, reports

So is it really possible that maybe, just maybe, we might all start rocking out to NKOTB again? Ummmm., I'm gonna say no. But if they can do it, where the effe is Tiffany?!?


Anonymous said...

I too used to rock out to NKOTB. Donnie was my total fav! HA HA, wow I do feel old

Anonymous said...

I was a joey fan! Not all of us are the teenage twilighter's, GB! Thanks for realizing some of us older folks are out here

natashalane said...

As much as I hate to admit, I saw their December show in Boston at The House of Blues. My friends and I had rented a private room in the Foundation Room VIP Lounge\Restaurant @ THOB) for a holiday dinner. In either case, they happened to have a concert the same night as our dinner and we snuck in to hear the end of the show. As much as the boys hated the girls rockin' out to NKOTB, they were awesome! It was so random that we had the best time singing to our old favs. All of our girly childish fantasies came right back and we were lovin' it! I can't say I would have paid money to hear them, but as a freebie, they were great. By the way, the concert was sold out by the looks of it. Filled to the rafters with ladies, ladies, ladies...