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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Most Missed Show

The weekly poll has ended in an astounding landslide.  Seems a lot of readers are Buffy fans and have voted it as the most missed show with 39% of the votes.  Gilmore Girls was in distant second with only 19%, followed by That 70's show and Angel tied with 11%, Charmed with 10%, and the hilarious Samantha Who with only 6%.

So in honor of Buffy The Vampire Slayer winning, we decided to catch up with our Scooby gang and see what the answer was to "Where Do We Go From Here?"

Sarah Michelle Gellar, who was our beloved Buffy, didn't really go on to do much, as we all know.  It wasn't from the lack of trying, but she could never quite leave Buffy behind.  Sarah Michelle never talked bad about Buffy though.  In fact, she held Buffy dear to her heart and always kept the character's dignity and the fans interests in mind during the entire series.  She and husband Freddie Prinze Jr. welcomed a baby girl they named Charlotte in September of 2009.  Sarah Michelle hasn't given up on acting and I think she is in the most need of a television comeback.  The problem was, SMG tried to break through to movies, and though I loved her in Cruel Intentions, she was never given the role that confirmed her ability as an actress.  I suggest you watch her on All My Children and you can see she had what it took. Maybe she will get a comeback yet. You never know, stranger things have happened.

Alyson Hannigan as Willow, the sometimes wicked witch of the west, is one of the few that moved onto another popular role. She took over the role from Riff Regan, who portrayed Willow in the un-aired plot. We got glimpses of Alyson's comedic talents during her stint as Willow, but no one knew just how funny she was.  As Lily on How I Met Your Mother, she delivers classic lines that brings fits of laughter.  She even won a People's Choice Award in 2010 for her role..  She married Alexis Denisof, Wesley, the other watcher, and they have a daughter Satyana, who was born on Alyson's birthday, March 24, 2009.

Nicholas Brendan played the charming and subtly sexy Xander Harris.  A role that Ryan Reynolds auditioned for and the one character that had no supernatural abilities but harbored a crush on his long time best friend Buffy. After Xander lost an eye in the final season and then his lover Anya, Nicholas Brendan disappeared the way of Sunnydale.  Aside from a failed series and some guest gigs, he has stuck to stage work.  He has had some personal issues that maybe have played on his career, but I would love to see this handsome man on another show.  He is hilarious so maybe a role on HIMYM with Hannigan would be good. He can currently be seen in the Blank production of Christopher Durang's play, Why Torture Is Wrong, And The People Who Love Them, running through March 14, 2010 at the Stella Adler Theater in Hollywood.

Amber Benson played Tara, Willow's girlfriend who ended up murdered by a stray bullet from Warren's rampage.  She and Willow's on screen kiss was one of the first and it almost ended up on the cutting room floor.  Joss Whedon threatened to walk if it did and the network gave in. In 2001, Benson worked with others to create the Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow and Tara comic book titled "WannaBlessedBe". The following year she worked with others and Dark Horse Comics to create the Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow and Tara comic books titled Wilderness #1 and Wilderness #2. She has a long writing resume and has seemed to find her niche in the publishing world.

 Michelle Trachtenberg has been all over television since her days as Buffy's sudden sister out of nowhere, Dawn.  She has appeared recently on Gossip Girl and now has a permanent role on NBC's Mercy, though the show isn't pulling in good reviews.  Michelle doesn't seem to be going anywhere though.  She has proven to be good at both dramatic role as well as comedy.  Often cast as the bitch, she plays it well.  But Michelle couldn't be sweeter and talks fondly of getting a chance to be a part of the Buffy phenomenon.

Emma Caulfield played the sometimes hateful Anya.  A vengance demon with a heart.  She broke Xander's, but kept us under her spell.  She was only supposed to appear in a handful of episodes, but the audience took to her so well that she ended up staying until she was killed in the final episode.  She appeared in Darkness Falls and on Monk in 2004 but she passed up the opportunity to audition for the roles of Six and Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica, a decision she later regretted.  She appeared on Private Practice recently and like so many others in the cast, she lends her voice to numerous Robot Chicken episodes. 

James Marsters was around most of the series as Buffy's enemy Spike.  Towards the end of the shows run, Spike became Buffy's love interest and even went out and picked himself up a soul.  Although he became the most tortured character in the final season, you couldn't help but root for Buffy and Spike to end up together.  Yes, he was a poor substitute for Angelus, but moneybags had to give Angel his own show so we worked with what we had.  James went on to appear on Angel and was actually supposed to get his own show after Buffy.  Alyson Hannigan was also set to star in it, but the script never lived up to anyone's expectations. After Angel James went on to roles in Smallville and in the movie P.S I Love You.  He currently appears in Syfy's Caprica and is working on a successful music career.

 Anthony Stewart Head as Giles was probably the one character everyone loved.  From his fatherly advice to the gang, to the time he turned into a teenager and hooked up with Buffy's mother Joyce, Head was a ray of light in an often dark show.  After Buffy he has gone onto to numerous roles on stage and television in Britain and has even has a small music career.  Head is part of the regular cast of the BBC drama series Merlin deriving the name from the mythical wizard of the same name. Head plays King Uther Pendragon the father of Prince Arthur.

David Boreanaz was Angel. We all know what happened to Angel and how he got his own show with Cordelia.  I wasn't a fan of Angel, so when his character left Buffy, I was done.  Of course David stars on Fox's Bones now and has increased his popularity.  He is still sexy and looks as if he hasn't aged a day.  Guess Angel did rub off on him a bit.

Charisma Carpenter as Cordeila for the first 3 seasons was the normal cheerleader bitch, but Charisma brought something to Cordie that made her lovable.  No matter how mean she was to our favorites, she was funny about it.  CC even showed us that Cordelia had a heart and just wanted to be loved for more than her looks.  Charisma went on to star on Angel for a couple of years to some small roles in a couple of made for tv movies. Though Cordelia left Angel in the fourth season, Charisma returned on the 100th episode to grant closure to all of her fans. She did attend the Buffy reunion in 2008 and has started her own production company.

Eliza Dushku came on as the new slayer in Season 3.  Some of us loved her, some of us hated her.  She was the anti-Buffy and provided many a storyline.  Eliza also co-starred in Bring It On, a personal favorite of mine.  After Buffy, Eliza starred in Tru Calling, a short-lived series on FOX.  In 2007, she signed a deal with FOX and lured Joss Whedon into creating Dollhouse.  The show lasted 2 season before being canceled in November of 2009.  She is currently dating Rick Fox and I'm sure will be popping up on television somewhere soon.  Faith isn't the kind of girl you can keep down very long.

Seth Green portrayed Oz in the 2nd through 4th season as well as the first season of Angel.  Known as the werewolf that broke Willow's hurt and turned her into a lesbian,  Seth went on to a very successful future.  We all know who Seth Green is so I don't think I need to list his many accomplishments.  Robot Chicken being one of them as well as the voice of Chris on Family Guy.  Oz was last seen in dream of Willow's and never returned to the show after that.  Seth is currently engaged to be married.
 A Buffy reunion at Paley Fest 2008.

Everyone is on board for another Buffy installment.  The problem is Joss is a perfectionist, which we do not mind.  If Buffy is brought to theaters again, it needs to be worth it.  Everyone needs to be involved and it has to have a beginning, middle, and an end.  Isn't about time for Buffy to re-appear for the 2012 Apocalypse anyway?  Below are the the top Buffy episodes.  It's Buffy day, so enjoy!

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Tania said...

Well of course it won, Buffy was awesome! ;-)

I met Tony Head again recently, after seeing him play in 'Six Degrees of Separation' at the Old Vic in London. He's just as charming and funny as ever! Love him...

Marian said...

I love that you do pieces on winners of the Poll. This site is becoming my favorite. I have never been addicted to a blog before but this one has become my favorite. Thanks for the Buffy! Off work today and plan on watching all the episode you linked. I heart you GB!

Anonymous said...

Best Post Ever!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Buffy fix! It sure has been a while. I do miss the show a lot.

Kyle said...

I love that you did a follow up for the cast members. Really love your site, GB

touched said...

i miss anya. fav 2nd tier character.

Harriet Hellfire said...

I only watched one episode of Buffy and that was "Once More With Feeling". Which was pretty awesome. Never really got into the show though.

pomme said...

Buffy and Spike were the best tortured love duets of all time! Angel was a mean guy next to Spike!

Ellie said...

Loved the show and still watch some of my all time favorite episodes on my DVDs. Definitely would love a reunion sometime in this decade.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates and links GG, Hush - what an episode! James Marsters has also got a recurring role in a British show called Torchwood, which is very much like Buffy in the style it's written (except subsititute aliens for vamps) and also stars the very gorgeous and very gay John Barrowman. Check it out :)

April B said...

I didn't ever watch Buffy, but based on the paragragh about SMG, wondering if she's the blind vice #1 about the actress who couldn't get away from her tv character and almost made a comeback, but got into drugs...trying to get late-night infomercials??? GB is saying similar things in both stories.

Anonymous said...

Time flies with you, GB! And I never manage to post my comments right away because I'm the kind that thinks too much... Anyway, I'm among those who never watched Buffy. Don't ask what I was doing back then, because I hve no idea really... But your love for Buffy made me want to listen to the songs and so I did and loved them all. I'm listening to them as I write this, in fact. My favourite is "Rest in Peace". That's the point I was at when I bumped into you on Twitter. Now there are other songs in that album I feel I also can relate to... You got me living a musical!

Thanks, GB. I'm enjoying it now.