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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spencer Fired By Heidi, Then Kicked Off The Hills

First his wife Heidi fired him as her manger and replace him with a psychic.  Now he is taking a break from The Hills.

If you actually believed Spencer Pratt is taking a break from The Hills to fight cyber-terrorism, you should probably go ahead and cyber-terrorize yourself in the face for the good of humanity. Turns out he's on an MTV-imposed hiatus for allegedly threatening to kill a female producer. Us Magazine reports:

The source explains that Pratt, 26, recently "flipped out" on the show's set after a female producer made a request to which he objected.
"He got so crazy that he screamed at [her], 'I should kill you for even asking me to do that!'" the source recounts.
"Very rattled" by Pratt's outburst, the producer filed a complaint with the show's top producers -- who then threatened to kick Pratt off the show.
Pratt's team went back with a compromise: "the show agreed that Spencer would leave The Hills for six weeks to do anger management training once a week at home. If he completes it, he can return to the show."

So basically Spencer Pratt's going to sit around a house full of guns pretending to be straight for six weeks while his "wife" blows her half of the mortgage on chin sandings. If that's not a recipe for murder/suicide, God fucking hates us.



Anonymous said...

Spencer is so skeevy and an allaround jackass.

But did I miss something?
"...going to sit around the house...pretending to be straight..."

and "wife" is in quotes too?

oh no, if he 'rides on my bus', I want him kicked off!

Mary said...

Is his fifteen minutes up yet?!?!?

Anonymous said...

IMO these two are the ultimate bottom-feeders. Hopefully he will not be allowed to return to the Hills or any other reality TV and we can forget he exists. Oh and maybe now they won't have an MTV "PR baby". B/C that would inevitably stretch out their (eyeroll) fame.
Heidi is just um confused. Aren't they pretty outspoken Christians? I'm pretty sure God doesn't like the psychic manager as competition for Heidi's brain control.
I stopped watching MTV b/c of them and The Hills. Not that I am missing anything. BLAH!!!

Anonymous said...

I know he's a total train wreck, but I'd still hit it.

Brad said...

Me TOO!!!

Ellie said...

What a loser. How did he even manage to get on TV?

Anonymous said...

I can't understand his turn in the spotlight either...then again, I've never understood Howard Stern. Are we just hypnotized and mesmerised by the obnoxious and the repulsive?

April B said...

Anon #1...I've read that he's gay in all kinds of blinds. One even went into specifics about things he did in high school. It's hard for me to imagine him gay because he tries so hard to be alpha-male, but nothing surprises me in HW.