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Monday, March 1, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

Normally I wouldn't do another one of these for awhile.  However, I will be out of commission for a good couple of months.  I will still be tweeting, but not as much.  All of this will fall onto Gigi's lap as she will be the one keeping the blog up to date.  Keep the letters coming and I will continue to answer the ones I can but it won't be weekly. 

And away we go...

Hi Gossip Boy!!
Thanks for the goss on Jared and Jensen. Sometimes it seems too good to be true though. Do you have any real proof that these two were/are an item? If so, what kind (ie. pictures, video, hearsay etc...)?
Do their families and friends know what the real deal is between them?
Finally, what do you think will be the outcome of all this between them in the next couple of years?
Hope you can answer these questions. Thanks again!-DG 

Hi DG!!!
I hate to sound like someone else right now, but if you know so much about them being together why are you asking me? As for the outcome, do you really think that both these marriages will last.  If sources are true and the breakfast story occurred, then I give Jared's marriage a good long time.  It's the one who was missing from the whole equation that I give about a year.

Hey GB,
So we know Jensen and Jared are bffs (at the very least), but what about Danneel and Genevieve? Are they friends in their own right or do they just put up with each other for the sake of the guys? If the latter it must get awkward when they're left alone together when the guys go off for boy time. 

Have you ever seen Gen and Dan out shopping for underwear?  Out getting coffee?  'Nuff said.

I think your a fan of Jennifer Aniston but why do celebs like her court the paps and press and than complain incessantly about them?  I mean how can you complain about the paps at your birthday get away when you sent out a press release saying you were going to be there.  You don't see Sandra Bullock in the tabloids weekly even with her hubby's porn star train wreck of an ex.  How does she do it when other celebs can't seem to?

Sometimes you have to understand that thought the paps are Satan to us, sometimes it is better to make a deal with the devil then to avoid them.  If you don't want them up your ass all the time, you agree to let them come to a party your having.  It's a give/take situation.  However, some of them go a little overboard with it in my opinion.  Others do it with class.

What do you think about this rumor "Rob is gay and dating TomStu" I know some people are freaking out a lot.
I´m really feel sorry for Rob, i don´t know how it works in USA, but here in Europe it´s normal have friends the same sex, it´s normal going out with them, it´s normal doing shopp, especially if we are friends since kids (like Tom and Rob) in my opinion Tom is like his brother. Can you please clear this rumor?

Okay, look.  Guys hang out with guys.  This is clearly a rumor and you may want to step away from the Twilight and breath into a paper bag before the Eclipse explosion begins, because sweetie, I don't know if you're gonna make it. XOXO

I have a question about the last call blind.  If the girl got the guy the part and he is already popular, why is he still with her?

She is very needy and though he isn't in love with her anymore, he feels to bad to leave her.  She is a couple colors short of a rainbow and hasn't figured out a way to do it yet.

Can you put all of the rumors to bed already and just confirm one thing.  Is McHottie Jake Gyllenhaal?  Come on, I am dying to know.  If he isn't McHottie, can you tell us if McH is on a network television show or has done any movies.  Give me something!

LOL.  No Jake is not McHottie, though I feel Jake totally qualifies as a McHottie.  Don't you?  McHottie, let's see....he is someone I have never ever been photographed with.  Not that it really helps you but it's something, eh?

Dear Gossip Boy,
I think your blog is very good entertainment and has a very good sense of humor. What I was wondering was, seeing that you know so much about weddings what you think about Simon Cowell's recent engagement? Something doesn't sit right with me- it seems odd.

Something never set right with me about Simon Cowell.  The fact that he paid Terri a settlement when they broke up screams volumes.  Could she have been fulfilling a contract?  Could she have seen something and got the pay-off.  You tell me?  It's like the freakin F.B.I over at that damn American idol.  Anybody that can keep rainbows from popping out of Ryan Seacrest's ass while he is on camera is a pro at hiding stuff.

Dear Gossip-Boy:
Not that I'm questioning who you say you are, but just wondering why you are doing the whole gossip-blog thing. Assuming everything you have told us about yourself is true, why would you be taking the time to do this? Are you bored and doing this to amuse yourself? I would imagine that if your identity was revealed it would have really negative consequences for you and your career. Please don't take this as an attack, I love your blog and your tweets and hope you continue, but as I said I was just wondering.
Curious Fan-girl

I take the time to do this as a kind of huge middle finger to the industry.  I always worked my ass off for these people and they told me I would be able to come out.  Now, they tell me if I do, I'm done.  And I am not the only one they have told this to.  So I figured, all the stuff they all try so hard to hide and stuff down, it would be hilarious to put it all out there.  As for my identity being revealed, it's pretty impossible.  I may slip up here and there, but sometimes I don't exactly tell you where I am.  Or if I do, it's not where I'm really at.  I mean come on, i can't give it all to you.  However, the city I am in, once or twice, is the only thing I have fibbed on.

I'm probably waaayyyy off (and not that you would admit it but i have a couple of theories about who you are since you avoided my questions about your fag hag and about singular movies or franchises.  I can assume your known for franchises, so here goes (and dont laugh!!) if your american also your either Mr Shia LaBeouf (faghag carey mulligan plus transformers), or Mr Seann William Scott (american pie).  Is McHottie the dude from SATC who guest starred in charmed? (cant recall his name but he seems gay as the day is long to me!!)
dont laugh too hard reading this!!

You actually got one're waaayyyy off.

Do you know anything about Jake Gyllenhaal?  Is he really as cool as he seems?  Is it possible that he is Toothy Tile?  C'mon, I know you are in the know.

Jake is as cool as he seems.  Freakin hilarious, down to earth, and a absolute riot to be around.  As for Toothy Tile, I don't recall Jake ever having a baby but then again, I guess you
never know really.

Have you and Jared Padalecki ever met?  I'm curious from some of your blogs and tweets.  You don't have to reveal anything, just wondering if you have met him.
I have actually met Jared.  We are all connected through someone and he is good friends with some good friends of mine.  And I can also give you this, he is the funnest drunk guy I have ever had the pleasure to do shots with.

Have you met the Glee kids yet?  I know you are a major "Gleek", your words, and I was just wondering.  That blind from awhile back really seemed to be about Lea Michele and I was wondering if you could confirm that.  I think something is up with her and her deer in the headlights look.  Crazy eyes!

Chenoweth?  Is that you?!  I see what you are doing.  I LOVE you, but you are too old to be in high school lady!


Anonymous said...

I love you GB

Anonymous said...

Hilarious and A+!

Anonymous said...

GB, you rock! At last someone who actually comes out with Good Gossip! But are you saying that Jared's bearding arrangement has legs but Jensen's does not? Hope Gigi will keep things rolling:>)

Anonymous said...

So Danneel Harris wasn't at the wedding?

And I LOVE the little poke at Ryan Seacrest.

I_Aim2Misbehave said...

Love it!!
Well, except for this little disheartening tidbit... "I will be out of commission for a good couple of months." ...
Out of commission for months! Holy heart failure, Batman!! It's all a blur. Like a horrible day-mare. ;)

Anonymous said...

Jared's bearding arrangement has legs but Jensen's does not? What does that mean? GB did you mean Jareds may last longer than Jensens? If so i have to agree with you on that! And i loved this! so funny, your gossip just got the new..... gaytruegossip, i couldnt think of anything else, but candy,so *shift eyes* Thanks!

Anonymous said...

what u lookin at down there Jake

Anonymous said...

chace crawford aka mchottie

Anonymous said...

I think he means that Jensen already know about the Bearding and can hold out *Jared* cause if Jensen spent the night then, Jensen and Jared is together, and the wedding was a show. Gen knows that she is a beard.
Danneel may think that Jensen loves her enough to marry, But she doesnt with him , and jensen doent either, if someone does out them, than im sure that Danneel wouldnt want to get caught in the whole thing, but she has known Jensen for a long time. So who knows, but i think its just to get her name out, so she can get known, that is why she is wedding Jensen, and Jensen probably know this, and say what the heck, i dont love her, and she doesnt either, and we are good friends, so why the hell not, if its got to get the rumors down? So that is what i think, and sorry for the rambling.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ask a question about Simon Cowell and GB brings up Seacrest. I wonder why he did that? ;-)

Anonymous said...

GB, you totally flaked out on your answer about Jake G. being Toothy. You don't think he has a kid (and neither do I) but besides that, do you think Jake is Toothy? I think the whole baby Tile bit is BS invented by Ted to give the Toothy story some more PR. But, I think that Jake is Toothy. And by you saying that the Powers that Be told you if you come out your career is done, that's the reason I believe Jake will never come out. He'll just keep getting new beards.

pomme said...

my one and only trouble with Toothy Tyles's guess (Jake G) was his famous child so Toothy Tiles may be Tobey Maguire!