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Monday, March 1, 2010

Dancing With The Stars 2010

The stars, and I use that word loosely, that will be appearing on the 2010 Season Of Dancing With The Stars

Guess Kate found another way to invade out living rooms and avoid staying at home with the litter of children.  And poor Jon, now he has to be a Daddy while Mommy is off dancing.  What goes around comes around.

Pam Anderson trades in her bathing suit for barely there dancing costumes.  She is someone who I would expect on this show, but I have a feeling she may not be that bad.

NFL wide reciever Chad Ochocinco previously known as Chad Johnson joins as the jock that learns how to dance.
Aiden Turner, fan favorite that was fired from All My Children fills the soap opera part.  He is stunningly gorgeous and I cannot wait to see him in tight pants and no shirt.
ESPN reporter Erin Andrews drops the sports talk and shows off her amazing body. 
As I read this and put this picture on, "I'm So Excited" played in my head.  I have never voted for American Idol or any other show, but bet your bottom dollar I will be voting for Shannen Doherty.  And best believe making her win has become my new campaign.  And who wouldn't love to see Brenda Walsh beat down Mama Kate?
Buzz Aldrin? Really?  Regis wasn't free?
This woman, Neicy Nash, is most fabulous.  She is hilarious, and I can't wait to see her shaking her booty.
Ex-Pussy cat doll Nicole Scherzinger is in.  I assumed she filled the slot Paula Abdul turned down.  Funny, because on Nicole's version of American Idol, she was really the Paula.  Girl couldn't hold her eyes open and needed to be tied to her chair so she wouldn't fall off the bitch.
Vancouver Olympian American Figure skater Evan Lysacek takes the spot that Lindsey Vonn was rumored to have.  He is a lot easier on the eyes.
Bachelor Jake Pavelka has gotten permission from his new fiance to try and win yet another competition.  He already got to make out with strangers, now he gets to go to for the Mirror Ball?

So there you have it, the list of stars for this season.  I was kind of hoping Jon and Kate would go against each other, but Shannen wins for me.  Hands down.  So jump on the Brenda Boat with me or get off.


Michael said...

I hope Pammy and Shannon really vamp and camp it up. A staged cat fight would be amazing. This new season is going to be beyond gay.

Anonymous said...

But holy shit, that Aiden Turner pc is HAWT! Damn, can I get that in my tub?

Tania said...

Oh, I'm on the Brenda Boat - Ol' Wonky Eyes is always worth the price of admission!
But I'll have to get my thrills vicariously through your blog. I'm in the UK and I don't think we show your DWtS. (We have our own version.)
Pammy was playing in pantomime at my local theatre a couple of months ago. It was ridonkulous!

Tania said...

Btw, I had to look twice when I read Aiden Turner - I thought it might be this guy!

Unlikely, of course. Pity...