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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

@The_Gossip_Boy anything thing NEW with Robsten? need Robsten dish!

Kristen is busy promoting The Runaways for the time being and Rob is still filming Bel Ami.  Didn't their Remember Me commotion give you your fill? I wouldn't expect anything from these two for awhile.

Gossip Boy,
I adore you! I opened a twitter account just so I can follow you.
My question is, can you tell me if Michelle Williams is as kindhearted, beautiful, and fun as she seems? No worries if you don't know her personally. She just seems wonderful to me (and it would be nice to hear some positive gossip).
Love, Nat
Michelle Williams is the sweetest woman you could meet. She is down to earth and a great character actress.  Also, a great mother to darling Matilda.  Both those girls have had to deal with a lot, but they are doing great.

Has anyone ever sent you a guess that was right? Like about a blind or your identity? I was also gonna guess that Vera Farmgia was the actress throwing a tantrum in the ladies room after the Oscars.  Am I right?

Some people have set me correct guesses, though I won't tell you to which they did.  Vera is a very professional woman and I couldn't imagine her throwing a fit over losing an award.  But you could say that you are not far off.

Gossip Boy,
Since you have broke up McHottie, any chance you wanna tell us who he is?  Or maybe give us a clue.  If not, could you tell us about Alice In Wonderland? You rock, btw.

Alice is just getting so lost in Wonderland that she doesn't even seem to care anymore.  I don't hear as much about her these days, but I don't see the person who filled me in anymore, if you get my drift. But Gigi is still in NYC and that is Alice's playground, so just give it time.

Chace Crawford and Taylor Momsen? Could they be a thing?

No way in hell would a guy like Chace be interested in a girl like Taylor.  She may have had a crush on him in the beginning, but she has her eyes set on a bigger prize right now.

What are the chances that a big name would ever come out? Have you thought about it?

A big name coming out would be amazing.  It would only take one to show it would not be Armageddon.  As for me, I have thought about it for awhile.  Almost did once, but there is a lot of what ifs.  Trust me I want to and I know others do as well, it's the threats that keep us in.

Gossip Boy,
I read your blog everyday throughout work and I love it. Sometimes I LOL and get stares.  But then your blog spread around the office and we talk about it all day and at lunch.  You are amazing! Could you give me a morsel about Justin Case and Rainbow Dark?  Has Justin ever worked with anyone on SPN?

You could link Justin to the SPN cast.  He is not part of the cast if you are hinting at Jared or Jensen, they ain't him.  As for RD, he is all over the place.

With your love of Buffy, have you ever worked with any of the cast? If you won't answer that, how about Zac Efron as a blind? He seems to be a little iffy.

No, but thanks for the opportunity to post a Buffy picture.

Gossip Boy,
What happened to Cameron Diaz? She disappeared for awhile and now she looks bad. Rehab?

Cameron and Jennifer Aniston have a lot in common.  Some kids never want to grow up. Rehab, I doubt it, but these days stars go all the time and you never hear about it.

Can you tell us anything about Zachary Quinto? Why can't stars live like him? He is out and plays roles?

I wasn't aware that Zach came out as being gay? Do you know something I don't.  I think stars that don't make a big deal about it can manage a way to figure things out in my opinion.

Gossip Boy,
Have you ever kissed a guy on film? I think I know who you are but not sure.  Ever sang?

Unless you know my exes or my mother, I'm just going to say no and hope that you don't have proof of ,y singing. Knowing her and other people, I'm sure I'm singing on YouTube somewhere.

Gossip Boy,
Are Ryan Kwanten and Kellan Lutz the only straight boys in Hollwood? Seems everyone else is gay.

Ryan is up in the air. Sexy and seen with girls, but never really seen doing anything with them.  Kellan is a straight boy with manners, something that Hollywood eats up.  If Kellan isn't straight, don't you think I would be the first one at his crypt?


Anonymous said...

I love dear gb

Anonymous said...

It's my favorite too! I'm so happy he answered my question in it.

Interesting that GB says he's never kissed a guy on film ...

If Vera was a close guess, I'm going with Anna Kendrick for the actress who threw a fit.

Anonymous said...

I think that he was talking about the singing part, avodided the kissing part

Anonymous said...

being 'out' is relative. I guess many would want things plastered on People rag or elsewhere, but it's not a requirement. The threats and other innuendos hung over the heads of actors makes it justified when they boogie around the PR dance floor. Some follow the 'rules', some make their own.
Some go out of their way to hide, others just go about their business.
Zach's figured how to LIVE his life with no explanations. He just lives, it just is. And to 'us' that's just fine and all that matters.

Anonymous said...

Guess we have our answers re: McHottie.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you have the gall to compare Cameron to Jennifer, just because they're both in their 30s and unmarried. Cameron has never done the whole "woe is me" schtick and is perfectly happy the way she is.

godo said...

"You could link Justin to the SPN cast. He is not part of the cast if you are hinting at Jared or Jensen, they ain't him." what does it mean? That Justin has known/starred in one movie/show with Jared or Jensen? They both have not been in anything that had nearly stellar cast... Hmmmm.

Lana said...

Please Chace is the one who should have his eye on a bigger prize, maybe she was good for a fumble once upon a time but he's far too good for a spoiled, immature little diva beat like Taylor.

Lana said...

that should have said brat not beat, my bad

AJ said...

I got it!
Alice in Wonderland is that Taylor Momsen girl, the person you don't see anymore who was giving you the info was McHottie, therefore he must work on the show and be Chace Crawford.

...the very next question was about...drumroll please... Taylor and Chace!

So that just leaves us with you, who r u GB...?!

tonilost said...

I was thinking the same about Ryan K, which makes him an even better actor than Wenty.