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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Extra You Write The Caption


pomme said...

him:"she 's the mum of my futur child"
her:"i want 2"
him thinks:" sex with woman twice! no way!

Anonymous said...

Gabi- You gimme 2 minutes with this fine man - 2 minutes is all I need to devour him!
Jake (with tongue a little bit out) I'm just going in for a quick nibble - I loves me some chocolate milk.

Anonymous said...

Gabi- I'm gonna need at least two of these to call it an entreƩ! Yums!

Jake- And I'd like to cancel my order... please?

rog said...

Get back here Gaby.

I'll take two to go

Someone get me out of here

dunc said...

Correction to earlier press release. Jake G is even less cool than this picture would have you believe and did in fact attend the the Oscars with "his" sister not "A' sister. *DORK*

Anonymous said...

Jake pay attention damnit, poonay nay vajay jay is shaped like this.

Anonymous said...

Jake: "Yeah I'd hit that"