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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Melrose Place Reunion

Finally, the moment that I have waited for since the new Melrose Place began.  On March 30th, a one night only reunion will occur between Amanda, Jo, Michael, and Jane on Melrose Place.

It's still unclear whether this show will be renewed or not.  I think that if they are going to try and shove a cheap ass version of 90210 down out throats without any more Kelly and Brenda, then they should let us adults have out Melrose Place.  It's obvious that this show is just finding it's footing and has potential.  I think the firing of Ashlee Simpson and Colin Eggelsfield was a bit hasty in my opinion, but if they have a plan, more power to them.  All I ask is that you renew this show and give us something juicy to watch during the week again.  Although, if it comes down to Melrose Place and Life UneXpected, then I'm glad I got to see this mini-reunion before it goes.  Could we get Marcia Cross on loan just to blow the place up again?

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