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Monday, March 15, 2010


Justin Timberlake is one of the names that is on the Glee season 2 wish list.  As well as Hugh Jackman and Queen Latifah.

And now for the best part!

Joss Whedon, who will be directing the episode in which Neil Patrick Harris appears also reveals that NPH and our own Sue Sylvester will be swapping spit. 

"[Neil] gets to tussle with Jane Lynch," boss Ryan Murphy tells E!'s Kristen Dos Santos exclusively, "and they might sleep together, but that's all I'm gonna say!" Ryan says that Neil's character, who is an old high school rival of Will (Matthew Morrison) "is not a villain, he's just got edge, as they say. It's a very great, sweet, important episode. We wrote it for Neil and for Joss. The whole episode is about arts funding and the importance of arts funding in high schools."

Glee is already amazing, but this episode is one that will live in history in the mind of Gleeks.


Anonymous said...

Great! And Lady Gaga has agreed to join them too!

touched said...

awesome!!!! Joss+Glee+Art's funding education!!!!!!

Tania said...

Fantastic!! I can't wait.

Now we just need to get John Barrowwman in there - we know he's up for it! (And guesting in Glee..... sorry, couldn't resist!)