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Monday, March 15, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

Gotta tell you...I'm such a fan of your blog. Thanks for making my days a lot brighter in my neck of the woods.
 Here are my guesses. I know you won't tell me, but, that's all in the fun now, isn't it?
1. I'm gonna guess "Cashmere Mafia"
2. My guess is Adrian Pasdar
3. Sounds like Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban to me.
Now, if I could only guess who you are!!!
Good guesses, except Cashmere Mafia is no longer on the air. Adrian Pasdar is a little older than the star. And for Nicole and Keith, have you heard something?

It sounds funny but really wild guess. Are you James Franco?

I'm pretty sure that James has a girlfriend and they have been together for awhile. Am I wrong?

@The_Gossip_Boy do you have dyed hair?

Miss Mandy,
My hair is natural color. I haven't had the reason to dye it yet.

@The_Gossip_Boy are u a musician too? Guitar/keyboards/drums? Were any blinds about the winslet-mendes break-up? Why is the sky blue?... :-)

Not a professional musician at all.  My instrument is my voice and my acting ability.  As for the blinds about Winslet and Mendes, maybe you should re-read and you tell me.  The sky is blue because Oprah demanded it.

Please give us some Jensen scoop.  Is he getting married? I really hope he doesn't, I hate Danneel.

Get your party dress on because it looks as if Jensen and Danneel will be walking down the aisle.  Seems she is complying with the keeping her mouth shut rule.  She hasn't been on twitter and I'm sure she is busy planning the sacred day, but this girl would tweet while in labor if given the opportunity.  Too bad she won't be.

I was wrong. I have been so busy i didn't realize that Danneel has picked up on the twitter habit again. Still, these two are definitely going to marry.

Gossip Boy,
What do you have to say about the people who say you are fake? Why does everyone seem to think you are not who you say you are?

I'm not out here to convert people.  I like the blog as a release.  It has turned into a place where people can come and take part in conversations and also catch up on some gossip.  People who are set to discredit me will do what they will.  I know readers who have gotten banned from Gossip Rocks for just defending my site as well as posting my blinds.  Some people have even accused readers of being me and yesterday I was pointed to a blog where they thought I was some guy named Entertainment Lawyer from another gossip site.  No one is going to believe me until I come out, which won't happen.  However, some of my blinds have already come out in the open.

Gossip Boy,
How many actors are part of a bearding situation or in the closet?

You would be surprised at how many actors are actually open minded when it comes to sexuality.  And it is not necessarily the ones you think it to be.  Though you have some nailed on the head.

When will Rob and Kristen ever come out as a couple?  Is there any chance of them actually staying together for the long haul?

Jacob Black,
Give it up, Love.  Rob and Kristen have staying power and are a couple.  They just have a little bit of growing up and self discovery left to do. The long haul though, that's a toughie.

Has Chace Crawford or Matthew Morrison ever been in one of your blind items?

Yes, they both have actually.

I saw a picture of Nicole Kidman at the American Music Awards sporting a baby bump and pretty much acknowledging that she was pregnant.  Did she lose the baby?

She never confirmed her second pregnancy but there are rumors of things that may occurred.  I'm sure if you check some sites you can find out something.

Have you ever met Jennifer Garner?  Is she the bitch that Ted makes her out to be?  Also, what really happened with Ben and J.Lo?

Why is it that when women are powerful and know what they want they are called a bitch??  Sure, Jennifer has her days and some say she is an ice princess, but I find her charming and funny.  As for Ben and J.Lo, did you really think that was going to last? A lot of things happened behind the scenes that made sure that couple would ever happen. Once a cheater always a cheater.


AsstGeek said...

Why is it when women are powerful and know what they want they are a bitch.

Now I'm positive that I love you. Or else you sneakily read my journal a lot.

Anonymous said...

WOW! BEST dear gb ever! Im looking over blinds now, you are awesome!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea about that Nicole Kidman picture. She fits a blind now

Anonymous said...

You know what happened to the 2nd pregnancy? Her people realized how many people knew the 1st one was fake. Who makes that face while holding your belly maternally on a red carpet if you didn't want people to think you were "pregnanct." She's not able to have babies naturally. It would have been better PR for her to have a suggorate, but those pesky KU gay rumors will never go away then.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog gb...nobody else compares. That James Franco guess wasn't exactly a no. ;]

Lola said...

Oh now I want to know more about Urban/Kidman thing. I have a friend who works/has worked for Urban. Guess I better start working the phone.

Anonymous said...

Max here
Thanks for answering
That wasn't exactly a no though.

McHottie = chase
who's Matthew?

Anonymous said...

Matthew was probably in one as the source for the one about a diva from New York aka Lea.

Anonymous said...

You should start following Danneel's twitter, GB. She has been twittering quite actively after her 3 week long break. So I don't think Jensen has imposed any "keep your mouth shut" rule on her. And why would he?

Anonymous said...

Actually Danneel has been on twitter and she doesn't seem concerned.

Anonymous said...

She was all over town selling their upcoming wedding. Thats why.Something happened in those 3 weeks.

Anonymous said...

but this girl would tweet while in labor if given the opportunity. Too bad she won't be.

I LOVE that answer, especially the last part. It's open to quite a bit of interpretation, at least that's what I think.

godo said...

" but this girl would tweet while in labor if given the opportunity. Too bad she won't be." Well, there is always a turkey baster, I am sure Jensen is aware. That is if Danneel will ever allow to ruin her semi-plastic body before she is 40.

Anonymous said...

the wedding stuff has become a war between Danneel's ego, haters and gossip, of course they're going to get married, when you see CW, E-News, Ted Casablanca, Jared's wedding and the whole thing behind this "show" it's plain to see that it's gonna happen, and i'm not talking about love.. sadly.

pomme said...

in Hollywood,a bitch is a woman with power!