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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gun Show Anyone?

Looks like little Jonas brother Nick is moving up in the world.  Flashing of his very nice guns today as he spent some time with big brother Joe.  Poor Joe should think about buffing up a little bit before Nick can overpower him.

Funny that the youngest Jonas brother is turning into the hottest ans also the one who is not interested in playing the Hollywood game.  Of all the Jonas boys, Nick is the one who is said to be most down to earth and the one who has star ability.  As if they are not stars now, Nick is the one said to make it last the longest.  He has already branched off with his own band and is said to have some surprising side projects coming up with some people that will shock you.

I have some projects I wouldn't mind him working on....just bring the tank top.


Anonymous said...

which jonas brother are gay?

Tania said...

So, how old is he again?

I am SO going to hell.... ;-)