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Monday, March 15, 2010

Paula Is The Star Now

It's been revealed that Paula Abdul would be headlining the new re-boot of Star Search, a show that was once hosted by the late Ed McMahon. The 47-year-old former American Idol judge will reportedly host and judge the competition beginning in the summer, according to EWs Michael Ausiello.

I was under the impression that Paula would hopefully join Simon on the America version of The X-Factor.  It is a good thing that Paula did get this gig instead. Not only does she get to finally be queen of the show, but if she would have joined Simon, it would have signed American's Idol death certificate.  Who would watch the show filled with replacements, and Randy "Dawg" Jackson, when the heart of the show would be over on another network.  Not that I don't love Randy and Ellen, but would they have been able to pull in the same ratings?

Good for Paula getting this big deal.  I just hope she is able to pull it off.  Let's be honest, when she hosted Diva's live on VH1, it's was not exactly watchable.  Paula is like that aunt you have that thinks she is funny, so she milks the crazy.  But in reality, you can barely watch without wincing.  Do you think Paula can pull it off?

Soon it will be Simon with The X-Factor, against Paula with Star Search, and Randy with Idol.  Interesting.  Maybe out of one of the reality singing shows, we can actually get some more real singers and not the cookie cutter ones that we are used to.

Now if someone will hire Brian Dunkleman to host...

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Hokey said...

LMAO aunt who milks the crazy!!