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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Price Of Being Married in Hollywood

No matter where you live, Hollywood, New York or in the middle of bum fuck nowhere, it's hard to maintain a healthy marriage.  In a business that is full of fakes and back stabbers that are only looking out for themselves and their own careers, it's even harder to find true love.

The sad part is that working in Hollywood can make you very insecure if you do not have a good sense of self.  There is always someone younger, someone hotter waiting around the corner for your job and your man/woman.  Everyone wants a piece of fame it seems and it's a well known fact.  But celebrities still seem to think with their crotch and less with their brains.

Any celeb will tell you that when guys and gals throw themselves at them, it is annoying.  But what they don't tell you is that they like it.  I mean can you imagine being able to walk down the street and and fans just throwing themselves at you?  That is what gets to a lot of guys, most of whom were not that popular in high school.  It ALL comes back to high school.

The theater geeks who once couldn't get girls to look at them now have women throwing themselves at them.  I am in no way just picking on men, Brad broke Jenn's heart to go and play house with AngelinaJesse James supposedly did the same to his lovely wife Sandy.  But women are not off the hook.  Meg Ryan left a cheating Dennis Quaid for a chance with Russell Crowe that amounted to her ending up alone and looking like a plastic doll.

Is it even possible to have a happy marriage at all, let alone in Hollywood?  With every move of your relationship scrutinized in the media, to spending months apart at a time, it's almost difficult.  It all comes down to trust, something that is hard to have at all with anyone.  But the sad part is, most Hollywood marriages that have lasted awhile usually have secret meanings behind it.  Most women are so in love with the men that they will let them get away with anything to stay in the life that they have come accustomed to.  Some celebs even think that it is their right to be able to have sex with anyone, get whatever they want.  It's the celebrity way, isn't it?

It's people like that that give the decent celebs a bad name.  And while the honest celebs try to marry the perfect person, you have people that will do anything to get fame and if that means being the whore to seduce your other half, so be it.  In the end, everyone is looking for one thing, whether they admit it or not.  Everyone just wants someone to love, and someone that loves them back.  Once the fame is over and the scripts stop coming, you will realize that the fans you used to pork behind your loved ones back aren't going to be there with you when are left old and alone.

I can't even get a boyfriend that can keep his hands off women.  Love is a Battlefield, but in Hollywood it's a freakin war zone.


Hokey said...

well, thats why i'm glad I can Brooke myself!

Anonymous said...

Very true Gossip Boy which is how the media should respect the people who want to keep the private lives exactly that. Those who flaunt it ala Brangelina TomCat etc deserve the scrutiny. There are many many happy Hollywood marriages it's just they keep it private. The long lasting ones if they want the life partners manage it.

Ellie said...

I loved how you had Brad Pitt's pic next to "back stabbers and those who are only looking out for themselves and their own careers". He threw his wife under the bus because he knew that if he hooked up with that slut, his career would rocket. He deserves whatever is coming to him and I for one can't wait to see Angelina rip him a new one.

AsstGeek said...

Sometimes I think we're the same person, GB! ;-)

This town is so hard on relationships, and we don't really admire and respect the few that work.

I will never understand the mindset that will throw away something real and that matters for a momentary massage to ego and nether regions. The sex can't be so mind-numbing that you're willing to give up love and affection (looking at you, Tiger, Jesse) forever.

I think there's a certain amount of self-sabotage combined with "if s/he really loves me, s/he'll forgive me."

We'll see how that works out for them.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention the Meg Ryan/Dennis Quaid marriage. You see in reality - not the gossipmagazine version - it was in fact Quaid who cheated on Ryan for several years with several young women before she finally left him and hooked up with Crowe.

This story proves you should be very careful before you believe the gossipmagazines. They don't tell you what's real, they will only tell you what SELLS.

Anonymous said...

yes but russell wasnt single at the time

pomme said...

@anonymous: i agreed with you

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I believe Russell Crowe was single and ended getting married soon after the thing with Meg Ryan imploded. Also, Dennis seems to have had a problem keeping himself under control prior to the Meg/Russell hook up.

Monica said...

I always heard that Dennis was a good husband and Meg was the cheater

Anonymous said...

Dennis was a cheater and a cokehead. Her marriage was on the rocks when she hooked up with Russell. Him and Danielle had broken up. He wanted a serious relationship with Meg but she wasn't ready for that. He wanted to get married and he did to Danielle.

Anonymous said...

Dennis was a cheater and a cokehead. Her marriage was on the rocks when she hooked up with Russell. Him and Danielle had broken up. He wanted a serious relationship with Meg but she wasn't ready for that. He wanted to get married and he did to Danielle.

Anonymous said...

Brad and Jen were going to break up anyways....remember that last vacation....they were on the rocks then...she was trying to hang on for dear life. Not defending AJ...don't like her either.
As for Meg and Dennis....Dennis cheated throughout their marriage and was a cokehead...anon 2:22 is right...she put up with a lot of crap.

Anonymous said...

Brad wanted kids, Jen didnt. In all of Brad's relationships he got dumped, because it's Angelina (one sick ticket who is now Mother Teresa) everyone assumes that he dumped her.

Mary said...

Brad wanted kids. Jen didn't. Please. Are people STILL buying that tagline?!?!?

Brad has issues. Angelina does too. Jen - sure - but of the three - I'd rather put my money on her "normalness" than on Brad's or Angie's.

GB - what marriages in hollywood are solid, good, and those that should be looked up to?

I thought that Chynna Phillips and Billy Baldwin had a good thing and then she went and freaked out on him (temporarily of course) so not sure what to think there.

I used to think that Susan S. and Tim R. had a good thing (although they weren't married). And then, well you know what happened there.

Tom and Rita?
How about Ron Howard and his wife?

Anonymous said...

Billy Baldwin cheated often. Don't know if he still does.

Dennis was a cheater. Now?

Ellie said...

I hear what you're saying Mary. The whole Jen-didn't-want-kids scenario was Angelina's doing. She spread the rumours to get a free pass for being a home-wrecker.

And she did. What really gets me is that women are the first ones to give her the free pass. They're so eager to believe in her sainthood just because she's pretty and collects kids as accessories. I have two and between work and household, I can barely spend half the time I would have liked with my kids. She spends 12 hours+ on the set and then has 6 kids and she wants us to believe that she has enough time to take care of them and be there for them individually? Please!!!

AsstGeek said...

A while back, I was at a baby shower for a friend, and one of the people there was one of the many nannys for the Jolie-Pitts. This person said that AJ and BP have very little to do with the kids - European photo ops notwithstanding - and that weeks can go by without AJ seeing the kids. Brad seems to try, but...

Not that that this is about marriage.

Who has a good marriage? Tough question.