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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tom Cruise Voted Fakest Celebrity

43% of readers have voted Tom Cruise the "fakest" celebrity.  Why, I ask you?  What could he possible have done to get him this lovely title?  Let's go over the clues, shall we?

It all started with his divorce to Nicole Kidman.  It ended exactly at the ten year mark, which started rumors of a marriage contract.  Some say that Nicole had signed a contract to marry Mr. Cruise for no longer than ten years.  Second was the interview process that allegedly went on when he wanted a new wife.

Rumors are that Tom Cruise had a list of potential wives before settling on Katie Holmes. They also that Katie signed a contract and was instantly whisked away for 3 days.  No one heard from here and when she returned, she was different.

Some say that Katie agreed to carry his baby to prove that he wasn't gay.  But she was to remain a virgin and due to in-vitro that was possible.  Some even say she was never pregnant due to her stomach size changing constantly.  And, now she supposedly re-negotiated a contract to have a second child by Cruise.  Guess we will have to see if they pass the ten year mark.

None of this has any substantial truth to it, at least none we can see.  But with all of these rumors and the things we have seen, it has become obvious that Tom is a master manipulator and is playing the HW game like a champ.  Making him, the "fakest" celebrity around.

Check this PICTURE out  and THIS picture

Seriously?  WTF?  Could she not find the padded belly and just stuck a basketball up there?


Anonymous said...

WOW, that collage of pictures kind of proves she was faking it

Anonymous said...

o.0 I can`t see the pictures. First of the links leads me to a "forbidden" page and the other to a blog with odd pet photos.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Dude, her stomach is totally fake. where the hell have I been to have not seen those pictures before. I know this isn't late breaking news, so my apologies, but christ on a cracker that shit was insane

tonilost said...

the last one has the wind up her shirt, she was pregnant, this is funny. As far as a virgin goes, that's another joke, ask Chris Klien if he tapped it. I do think it was artificial insemination 'cause Tom's boys are weak swimmers.

Anonymous said...

Yep rumor had it she was already knocked up with Chris' baby -- 2-for 1! -- which sealed the deal with Tommy Girl.