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Monday, April 5, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

Dear @The_Gossip_Boy What's your go to song when doing karaoke?

Depends on who I m with.  If I am out with the girls, it is definitely Summer Nights from Grease.  My go to song changes with every mood and the crowd.  I will admit that show tunes are my favorite.  I am a wannabe Broadway baby.

Dear Gossip Boy,
First, I love your column...extremely entertaining and I am hooked.  So I realize that almost everything we see and hear regarding the goings on in H-town are usually part of some manip. I am an avid believer of the quote "don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see". So I noticed that Gossip Cop is constantly debunking stories regarding Blohan, and they take her word for it.  So was this website started by a bunch of publicists and handlers?  I'm sorry but if you take Blohan's word for it and consider that fact, I can't trust your intelligence much, no?  Am I right to strip them of all credibility?

Dear C,
No matter how you spin the Lohan Watch 2010 Edition, you can see the poor girl tearing at the seams.  As people watch her partying and falling flat on her face at 5 am, it has sadly become a national joke.  What I don't understand is why no one is helping the poor girl.  There is something in her life that is missing that she is trying to replace with drugs.  Instead of shoving a camera in her face, how about someone shove her skinny ass into a rehab?  That situation makes me sick because as much as the parents are bitching about her, no one is doing a damn thing to help her.

Dear GB,
Can't wait to hear your take on Johnny Weir "outing" Evan as well as Anna Paquin saying she is Bi in the ad for "we give a damn".  You rock!

I think that Johnny Weir is a douche for outing Evan, if that's what you want to call it.  As for Anna, I am glad that she felt the need to declare that she is bisexual, since it honestly wasn't much of a secret.  However, I say it is awesome she did it and hopefully with the revolution that is obviously starting, we can change the way Hollywood looks at gays.

Gossip Boy,
What with all your tweeting about "To kill a mockingbird" last night, do you think you gave yourself away? Or, are you a fan of misdirection and screwing with our inquisitive and google happy minds?
Fred Smith

Fred Smith,
As sure as I am that I'm not the only person in the world to consider To Kill A Mockingbird their favorite book,  I am also sure that people have many guesses as to my identity.  One week someone thought I was actually Drew Barrymore.  Do not think that everything thing I mention is a clue, just enjoy the ride.

Do you ever hear anything about Brad and Angelina?  They are both looking pretty haggard, Brad, especially.  He's aged 10 years in 4+ years!  Add to that we've seen more of the entire family in the passed few weeks then we have since the duo got together.

Poor Brad is having to put up with a lot and having as many kids as he does, it puts on the years.  Not to mention that his baby mama is faker than hell, Brad has a lot contributing to his worsening looks.  It's always sad when a twink becomes a daddy.

Dear Gossip boy....I am curious as to what is your take on "Aniston and Angelina"? Are you team Aniston or Jolie? What are thought about the Bounty Hunter....did you see it? Should Jenn just go away? I personally feel like her welcome is worn out on the big screen now that everyone seems tired of the love triangle....she's not really all that relevant anymore! What say you?????
Love your Blog!!! Keep on rockin me baby! lol
Aniston would be okay if she spread her acting wings and finally left Rachel Green behind.  As much as I am Team Jen, and I surely am, I am thinking that she has ridden the wave all the way to the shore and is now just standing on the sand looking like a fool.  Bounty Hunter is hilarious and thanks for getting that song stuck in my head.

I am a big fan of the Scream trilogy as well and was wondering if you have any dirt on the cast?  I know Neve Campbell is out of the spotlight but what about Scott Foley?  I have loved him since Felicity. Thanks!!

Scott Foley is a fine piece of meat if I have ever seen one.  So easy on the eyes and quite the charmer I might add.  I might also add that he finally has married and had a baby, even though I'm sure the betrayal after Jennifer Garner's attempt of a marriage with him was scarring.  Scott is the kind of guy that every woman should want.  I'm a little hot now.

Dear Gossip Boy,
Who do you think will be the next celebrity to come out.  It seems that it is all the trend these days. Any easier for you now?

It is not going to be easier until everyone is okay with it.  Not all of American can see a gay guy playing a Superhero.  Some are still small minded enough to think that when they go to a movie it's to see the movie and it's called acting for a reason.  Who the actor is should have no influence unless they simply cannot act.  As for the next person, I keep hearing underground rumblings that a certain A-Lister is going to come out, but only to gain leverage before pictures of him being gay come out.

Gossip Boy,
Any chance on Life UneXpected coming back next year?  You got me and some friends hooked on the show and now I am hearing that it might be canceled.

Over on E!Online they have Save One Show and you can vote to save LUX.  It's in the Watch With Kristen section.  You can also vote to save One Tree Hill, Parenthood, Chuck, and Better Off Ted.  They also have a wild card section where you can bring back a show that was eliminated.  My guilty pleasure is Melrose Place, so I recommend you try and bring that one back as well.

Gossip Boy,
I need some Jensen news.  Are he and Danneel getting married next month? Any chance that it will be called off?  I choose to think that Jensen is hiding something.

Jensen and Danneel's wedding is coming up and will probably go off without a hitch.  Jensen and Danneel have some secrets that they are working to keep well hidden and though Danneel is only a television actress, she can act her ass off when need be.  Plus, she is better at selling herself than anything else.

Gossip Boy,
I know that this is old news, but Larry Birkhead always turned me on.  I got pinged by him and I cannot give up the fact that he is gay.

You are not the only guy that has been pinged by Larry Birkhead.  That guy has had rumors following him forever, and I also think he is do-able.

Gossip Boy,
Any chance that Jared and Gen are actually in love?  And what about his breakdown?  Due to hiding his gay affair with Jensen?

Have you not ever had a day where you just loose it?  I mean, we all breakdown sometimes.  Who doesn't? You seem mean so I will not be answering your question.  Good Day.
Gossip Boy,
I love you way more than Ted.  He seems to be old, washed up and paid off.  Are Robsten good?  And what is the deal with Taylor Swift?  She seems to be all over the place.

Taylor is all over the place, she always has been.  Girl is finding her sexuality and losing her innocence right before our eyes.  Maybe she can hook up with a vocal coach and nail two birds with one stone.  Rob and Kristen are fine.  And so is Tom.
Are they are actors who are thought to be gay but in reality they are 100% straight?  And vice versa?
I can think of three stars who's sexuality would throw you for a loop.  One is considered very straight, but it not.  I know one who people swear up and down is gay, but he love the va jay jay.  And there is a third guy who I know that is considered very calm but will do anyone and anytime.  He finds fans on Myspace and actually hooks up with them.

How is Justin Case?  I have a guess for Sunshine and was wondering if she was a blond?  Also, is RD called Dark for a reason, such as skin color?  Is Justin Zac Efron?

Justin is moving on and I have a story about him for tomorrow.  He is not Zac Efron, but you are very close, Love. Sunshine is in fact a blond and RD is called RD just because he is like a storm cloud rolling in that is going to fuck your day up.  Sunshine and RD are pretty much over after some new developments. 


Anonymous said...

I'm curious about why you keep referencing Tom Sturridge in relation to Rob and Kristen. How about an answer to that?

Anonymous said...

Don't be so simple, GB. Brad Pitt hasn't been a twink in many a year and he has always been pretty brawny in size, anyway. Everyone has to age and some folk just do not age well. He got exactly what he was asking for! He wanted a family so desperately that he went and got an almost instant football team! He's got to be few sandwiches short of a picnic basket to jump into such a huge responsibility so quickly after a break up. I like him a lot but I don't feel sorry for him, at all.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious that Robert is Nevis. He and Tom are butt budies.

Anonymous said...

What about Stern calling out Jamie Foxx GB? What's up with that? I know that he can be an ass but I don't think he's ever come close to being so vile.

Anonymous said...

Jensen/Danneel Secrets yep, I knew he was more like her then even I wanted to consider. I am a devoted Jensen fan. The fact is for him to even be with her he has to be similar. I am not saying that is a bad thing so much as outsiders we as fans see her as different. Not sure if that makes sense. It would be nice though if they were marrying for love and not to keep the secrets buried whatever they are. By the way, do you know what the secrets are and could you use them in a blind?

Anonymous said...

"Just enjoy the ride". I've been given that advice too. By GB. I have to say I gave it my best try -and you know what? It really worked. Sorry if it doesn't always look like I'm trying, tho, dear Gossip Boy. I swear I am and successfully so. As a result, I'm having the greatest fun. I wouldn't lie to you... Well, I would, probably. But not about this. ;-)

To my fellow GB fans... You're familiar with the old "Life imitating art", aren't you? Well, let's say GB is the art. Now go look at what "life" is saying these days... Pretty amazing.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ about Jensen, I don't see any similarities between him and Danneel. He's a lovely guy, he was very gracious about his bad attitude at the weekend, apologising and even singing at the con. I'm more of a Jared girl so my interest was more in that question and the reference to his supposed breakdown but I think it's unfair that people are lowering Jensen to Danneel's level. My belief is that both J's have very little choice in the relationship department, hence Jared's breakdown if it really did happen. Must be hard having to cover your sexuality so carefully to the extent you have to fake marriages.

Anonymous said...

Breakdown??? what breakdown??? What did I miss????

Anonymous said...

Apparently Jared had some sort of breakdown halfway through season 5

Anonymous said...

do we have anymoe details??? I'm so nosy. LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL I asked Gossip Boy on twitter last night what the breakdown was about but he didn't reply, so nope nothing yet

Lola said...

I asked GB about the BP twink reference and my tweet got deleted. :(

Hollowdoll said...

GB, I'm not sure I agree with you about Johnny W. I watched the whole clip and found it hilarious! The whole thing was touch in cheek. It Chelsey Handler not a serious news show. I feel a bigger deal was made out of it than needed. I didn't think he outted Evan when I watched it. I just thought he was having fun and being silly.

Anonymous said...

I dont think GB knows anything about Robsten/Tom. He just started including Tom in the picture when someone asked him if he knew about Nevis Divine and if he thinks that it's Rob.

He couldnt even given a straight answer then. He told the fan that he doesnt know about ND but that she should share about the story to GB and maybe then they'll talk.

After that, he started inclu Tom in his stories involving Robsten.I would take his story with a BIG grain of salt.