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Monday, April 5, 2010

Jesse James Drops Out Of Rehab

After about a week it seems that Jesse James has dropped out of rehab.  His stay was supposed to be 45 days but after hearing of security breeches and leaks to the media from his camp,  James decided that he needed to be on the outside world doing damage control.

The list of women that he had affairs with continue to grow and moving vans were spotted outside of the home that he shared with wife Sandra Bullock and rumors of divorce papers being filed have run rampant.  The good news out of all of this for Sandy is that she and douche bag signed a pre-nup.

But you have to wonder if Sandy had any idea that this was going on.  Getting away with one girl, yes I get that.  Maybe even two.  But come on, I mean how many women is he able to get away with doing without Sandy noticing something is up?  Could this have possibly been a marriage of convenience?

Either way, it looks like this smoke isn't clearing for awhile.  Sandy is doing the right thing by staying in seclusion.  But I hope that when it is all said and done, the strong willed Bullock emerges and shows those hoes that they messed with the wrong woman. 


Anonymous said...

so is she staying or going?

Felix said...

Thank God for prenups. Real or not I really feel for the children in this, regardless that they are stepkids.