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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Am I The Only One Who Didn't Sleep With David Boreanaz?

RadarOnline.Com is reporting that David Boreanaz not only had an affair with Tiger's discards, but also had an affair with a porn star named Gina Rodriguez.  The website is reporting that that Boreanaz hooked up with Pornie, a 43-year-old mother-of-two, at a private house party last Easter in a house formerly owned by the Olsen twins in Encino, California. He was also with her several other times.

On Easter?! Why wasn't a married father at home with his family on Easter?  Best believe that if my man was not home on Easter with me and our son and was instead at a private party with some damn porn stars, there would be an Easter Massacre.  I am not taking David's side at all, but what the hell did his wife Jaime think that he was doing?  How are these guys getting away with having so many affairs and the wife not noticing at all?

Rodriguez admitted to the New York Daily News that she met Boreanaz through a mutual friend at her house last year. She told the Daily News: "Although I have not seen David since last summer, we have kept in touch.”

And although she denies a sexual affair, two sources told who say it did happen.
“Boreanaz turned up at an Easter party at the house with another guy and he ended-up staying the night.  Gina had the master bedroom and suite at the house and I saw him walking around (not fully dressed) the following morning."

“I had the room next-door and could hear them laughing and giggling. Gina told me after he left that he was a ‘really cute and fun guy’.
“On another occasion one of my friends drove them to the Guys And Dolls nightclub, and I saw him at the house on at least three more occasions after that.

“David and Gina talked on the phone often . She knew that he was married, but she didn’t seem to care.
“She claimed that they were ‘just friends, ’ but obviously the relationship was much more than that.
“I think they casually dated for a few months and the relationship seemed pretty casual but Gina really liked David.
“She is a fun woman who has two teenage kids, and although she has worked in the porn industry she is pretty savvy when it comes to business too.”


For God sakes men! Keep your dick in your pants!  You feel like she isn't paying attention to you anymore and you feel left out, speak up.  Don't go banging porn stars and who ever else lets you.  You might end up like David and be sticking your wedge in a hole that Tiger has already tee'd off of.

For all of those who follow me on Twitter, I warned you that David had a list.


rog457 said...

No comment on the story, men like him just make me shudder, they think they are real studs but they are just pathetic.

Why do women with big tits think they have to stand with their backs arched, so everyone will notice? Or is it for balance out?

BobNYC said...

Testosterone is a fundamental self-preservation chemical that has driven civilization for thousands of years. People still don't understand that its powerful function is far greater than "will power" (which does NOT exist). There is a way to treat it. Not making excuses, just stating a scientific reality.

I feel sorry for David, but much for his wife and very much more for his son who will have to live with the knowledge that his Dad acted like scum.

Anonymous said...

David should get divorced, and never remarry. Never. He should be tv's George Clooney and just fuck around as much as he wants.

Whatever he does, he has to stop hurting his wife and children.

Felix said...

I totally agree with the previous comments.

For goodness sake, you don't have to sample every piece of ass that comes your way, because you did your poor wife and child are being dragged through the same mud.

Shame award.

Anonymous said...

Are you people serious? Do you believe everything you see or read? I don't. Of course every broad with tits is going to come out of the woodwork and say "I slept with David." Doesn't make it so. Give the guy a break.

Anonymous said...

And what's with him being so attractive and sleeping with those ugly women?!?!?! lol

blc said...

I don't understand these guys who can pretty much have whoever they choose...if they're going to cheat and risk everything, these are the women they choose..."shakes head"