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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Breaking Dawn Situation

News broke all over the Internet today with news of certain Twilight stars reportedly asking for a raise in conjuncture with Summit planning on releasing Breaking Dawn as 2 films. When the Twilight franchise began, Summit tied the actors in a contract for only 3 films, not knowing what kind of success the franchise would endure. After Summit realized what they had on their hands, the small film studio re-negotiated the contracts of all the stars to tie them down for a fourth movie, Breaking Dawn. However, Summit realized that Breaking Dawn was too lengthy of a story and to cut it down to one film would be murder.  Once author Stephanie Meyer signed off on the deal to make it 2 films, the preparations began. With none of the film's stars being signed up for a fifth installment, Summit began scrambling to secure everyone.

The problem was, most of the cast had become huge Hollywood names by this time. Taylor Lautner is ranking almost 8 million dollars a film and the secondary actors had begun their climb up the HW charts. So once again, Summit had to re-negotiate with the actors and actresses. They have tied just about everyone down for the fifth movie, including Robert, Kristen, and Taylor. But there are some Cullen vampires that are dragging their feet. It seems that Hollywood has gotten to these new stars and they are demanding another raise for a fifth film. In particular, the finger has been pointed at Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene as the ones who are making a fuss.

Reports are that even though Summit has offered them TEN times the amount they originally were payed, the stars are offended a the amount. They feel that since everyone is getting rich off of the saga, they should get a good chunk too. I get their point, if these reports are true. These actors are involved in something that had become such a huge hit, it turned Summit into an actual movie studio. The money that people are making off of these films is an amount that would blow people's minds and without these young stars, none of the would be possible. 

In this perspective, I totally understand Kellan and Ashley's point. However, these kids need to realize who they are dealing with. Remember a certain redhead named Rachelle Lefevre, who played Victoria?  Her agents played hardball on both her fee and scheduling and she was replaced with Bryce Dallas Howard. I comprehend that Kellan has become sought after and has been tied to some pretty big roles, but they need to be careful. This is the LAST installment in the franchise and rumors are that Summit intends there to be a fifth film, with or without the whole cast. They have no problem throwing in replacements at the last-minute. Some reports are that Summit is contemplating have Stephanie Meyer re-write some scenes, including a battle that would take care of Emmet and Alice to keep them out of the fifth movie. 

Summit is also contemplating moving production to Louisiana to save on dough. And moving the filming to the U.S would help us out a bit, given our economy. It's clear that Summit is on a mission to make this fifth film and gain as much money from it as possible. But it's also clear that these stars may be a little too cocky.

You don't bite the hands the feed you and Summit has lined your cabinets, Kellan and Ashley. Without your roles in this franchise, who's to say that you would have even gotten a big break? Kellan, honey. I know that you are sexy and you have gotten a lot of attention with your underwear posing and commando jogging with your schlong flopping in the wind, but don't let it get to you. As quickly as it came to you, it can go away with a new reputation that could be born with this attempt. And Ashley, you have some films coming out. No roles as powerful as Poseidon , but it's something. You kids should enjoy this ride that was given to you and just ride it to the end. You owe Summit for making your name popular, just as they owe you for the same thing. It's in your best interest to come to an agreement because I can promise that as long as Jacob, Bella, and Edward are still there, teenagers around the world will be okay with losing a vamp or two. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think they should be lucky they even HAVE jobs in this economy, and they also need to realize their value in the franchise...they're pretty expendable. And I'd like to bet money that once these movies are over we'll hardly remember them!
It's hard out in the real world finding jobs, I can't imagine how cut throat it is for so few roles out in Hollywood. Be grateful. Show a little emotional maturity. Don't go distancing yourselves from your fans who would love to have jobs right now! Lord knows I need one right now, and reading this all I can think is, "God, what ASSHOLES!"

Canuck said...

I don't blame them for wanting in on the money, after all Summit is making a fortune on the films. A million or two extra for a couple of extra actors isn't that much when measured against 500 million in receipts, is it?

Summit should just cough up the extra cash and them enjoy the windfall that heads their way. There are times that penny wise, pound foolish is very apt, and replacing popular actors in the last film of a wildly successful series is one of those times.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood greed at it's best, on both parts, though I'm leaning toward Ashley and Kellan's side of this arguement, theres big money to be made and both are a heck of a lot more important to the series than the discarded Victoria.

Hawt said...

Kellan is a walking poster for the Twilight franchise and now that he's the new face of CK underwear, that poster is going to be inundating the market. Summit needs to pay up for advertising like that.

Besides Edward and Jacob the ONLY Cullen most TwiHards care about is Alice. If they decide to abandon cannon and kill Alice off to avoid contract renegotiation even before Eclipse is out, Summit might wish they had done otherwise.

I do have faith in Summit's (and Meyer's) ability to implode, however, so more power to them, I hope it's worth it in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Summit's been pretty stingy all through this, and the three leads are way underpaid.

If they're only getting ten million or so apiece (only!) then how can bit players like Kellan and Ashley ask for more than $1m each? Their characters and their drawing power just isn't worth a tenth of the main three. If they think it is, they're in for a shock.

Anonymous said...

Whilst I totally agree with GB about not biting the hand that feeds you, Summit is making obscene amounts of money out of this franchise. The fact that they are also still trying to cut production costs and give fans a string-budget movie compared to the investment movie they want just spells greed greed greed on Summit's part. Then again, they would be foolish to cut Ashley Green's role in Breaking Dawn as she as absolutely crucial to staying faithful to the plot. So I think the actors and the studio need to stop snarling at each other - Summit needs to give the actors at least half the pay raise the actors want and the actors need to accept it.

Anonymous said...

These two are dispensible and easily replaced. They were nobodies before this franchise and will be nobodies after it's over. They have small parts and large egos. They should be grateful for the exposure these films have given their careers. Please let Summit make another example of them - let them go back to modeling their underwear while the rest of the casts' stars keep rising.

Anonymous said...

Is this the case of the stars heads are getting bigger than their hats? Well, fame and fortune can really change a person from being, nice, humble and easy-going to someone who is mean, selfish abd greedy.

I wouldnt say i agree with either side but i feel that both kellan and ashley are still somewhat new to HW hence they should be throwing their weight around so early in their careers. word goes around HW and if other directors know that u are such a greedy and pain-in-the-ass actor, do you think they want to hire you? How long can u ride on Twilight's fame?
So my conclusion is accept the payrise (at least they did give u payrise) and give a good performance in BD and shine for other directors to see.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame them for asking for 4M? that's high, jeez just take and 1 mil and run.

Canuck said...

I think that if they had asked for a million to start with, they'd have been offered half that. It's like bargaining in the souk, you start high, the other guy starts low and you meet somewhere in the middle or you walk away.

Summit already has a shitty reputation with the Twi-fans, replacing either of these two in the last film may not make a difference with the Twilight Saga (since the fans are hooked anyways), but that wouldn't stop all of those Twi-fans from boycotting anything that Summit puts out in the future that doesn't have Pattinson or Stewart in it. For a million or two out of 500+, they are willing to piss off what could be a loyal fan base if they play their cards right? Stupid stupid stupid... it just makes them look like cheap bastards, that along with not hiring decent security for Pattinson in New York, replacing LeFevre, and the whole controlling "you will not date" deal.