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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Gossip Boy Community

If you are a follower on Twitter, you may have heard the last community was deleted.  But onward to newer and better things.  Another follower, one more trust worthy and dedicated, has created a new Gossip Boy Fan Community.  I am posting the link here so that readers, followers, or people who just want to catch up can go to the site and experience everything that is GeeBee.

I encourage you to go, meet everyone, converse, but most of all PLAY NICE!  It is for fans, readers and people who enjoy the site.  Not for trolls and haters.  They can go here.  Hope everyone enjoys it and happy Tuesday!



Tania said...

Ooh - very nice! Duly registered, I'll post something when I can think what to say... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I had to check out the link for haters and appropriate. I can't stop laughing!

Anonymous said...

God for a minute I thought that was the new link to the new community. I was like ha ha ha... what?!?!?!

Hollowdoll said...

So excited about the new GB community! woot!

Your friendly mod said...

Come come come to the new Gossip Boy Fans community!! We're growing over there and it looks really nice... There is no forum like ours anywhere else in the web!!

No excuses for those who say "I don't want to know who GeeBee is". Take the time, visit and post!