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Thursday, May 13, 2010

David Boreanaz Texts Get Leaked

Rachel Uchitel first made headlines for her affair with Tiger Woods. But before Woods, there was actor David Boreanaz. The couple allegedly had an affair while he was still married, and Radar Online has exclusively obtained never-before-seen Blackberry messages between Boreanaz and Uchitel. In the messages, Uchitel is obviously angry with Boreanaz for not spending enough time with her. "I need you here so we can be together," she allegedly wrote.

Boreanaz tells her, "This is not a good time."

Uchitel erupts in anger and writes, "I can't do this anymore ... Just go," as the messages continue to rage on. >>

Uchitel: "Just (bleeping) go and be with her."

Boreanaz: "Why do u act like such a (bleeping) child!!! She is my wife."

"Oh, please!! ... You're such a liar. You're never leaving. You've wasted my time and I'm once again alone." She adds: "I can't (bleeping) be alone anymore. I've been alone my entire life."

Boreanaz: "What the HELL are you talking about. We spend more than enough time together."

Earlier this month, Boreanaz told PEOPLE that he was unfaithful to his wife of 9 years, Jaime Bergman. "Our marriage has been tainted with my infidelities. I just want to be open and honest. I was irresponsible," he revealed.

Boreanaz and the unnamed mistress allegedly met two or three times, and he had already paid her thousands of dollars. Star magazine claims that the former 'Angel' star and Tiger Woods' mistress number one hooked up while Bergman was pregnant with their second child. (The couple have two children -- 8-year-old Jaden and 8-month old Bardot.)

"He was attracted to Rachel and asked her for her number. She gave him her card, and he texted her that night to have a drink with him. She went, and they had a major connection," an insider told Star.

According to the source, Rachel and David had a lot of chemistry. "David would walk in the door, and they'd have sex right away. He told her, 'Every time I have sex with you is like the first time.'"

The supposed last straw for Uchitel, however, was when Boreanaz called her when his wife went into labor. "He was on the phone with Rachel, giving updates. That grossed her out, because she felt that should have been private."


Anonymous said...

That poor baby. I don't know what's worse - getting named "Bardot" or knowing that your father was sexting his mistress while your mother was giving birth to you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, David clearly has no priorities. His wife would be crazy to stay with him if any of this is true. And is it just me but does Uchitel look horribly trashy compared to his wife? Clearly cheaters will always be cheaters. Maybe David is one of those guys who is just not suited to marriage. Of course, that in no way excuses his behaviour. He needs to clean up his act or get out of that marriage and stop hurting his wife and children.

Anonymous said...

what a douche! People like him make my skin crawl. I will still watch Bones. But the whole thing is sad and disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Interesting GB, but since we have already established that David is a low-life cheater, is there any good goss on his Bones co-star, the lovely Emily Deschanel?

Anonymous said...

I don't for a second believe that *she* broke it off with him. She sounds so needy and clingy, there's no way. Oh and she is trying to redeem herself by saying she found it disgusting that he texted her during the birth of his kid. Which probably didn't happen either.