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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

Dear Gossip Boy,
I am loving your blinds! Screw the haters who say that you are copying Ted's style, it makes it easier for us to figure them out.  So here is my question, is Delusional Dorothy Leighton Meester?

Leighton is not Delusional Dorothy in any respect.  She has a good head on her shoulders and doesn't get caught up in drama.

Hey there Gossip Boy!
If found your site recently, and boy, do you sure have interesting things to say!  Now, my dear Gossip Boy, your a famous actor, but does the public know you're gay?  Also, I am a huge fan of Ted Casablanca's blind vices, do you know who Toothy Tile is? Hope to here from ya soon!

Thanks for coming to the site! Hope you enjoy it.  I am a fan of Ted's too, he is one of a kind.  I am sure we all have our suspicions and theories on Toothy.  And no, the "public" doesn't know I'm gay.  One day though.....

Dear GB,
First of all - love your blog and read it every day! My question is: Are Rainbow Dark Justin Timberlake and Sunshine, Jessica Biel? ;-)
xoxo, Nini
Thanks, Doll! Everyday is the only way to enjoy The Gossip Boy.  No, Justin and Jessie are not RD and Sunnie.  Pretty damn close in an age range though.
Dear GB,
What's up with Taylor Kitsch? He's such a cutie and yet he's so underrated. Does he have any naughty blind vices out there? Or his he like Kellan Lutz and just amazing? 
Ms Kelz Y
Ms K,
Taylor is the Taylor to keep your eye on.  Mark my words, this guy is going to be huge.  He is the name on everyone's lips at all the major studios.  As far as I can tell, TK is a pretty decent guy who just likes to have some fun. 
Dear GB:
Since we all know that Friday night is the black hole of television, any thoughts on why the CW would move Supernatural to that night? I thought they were doing so well in ratings this past season. I cant see the show lasting more then one or two more season anyway, but this seems like they are deliberately throwing it away.
Sad Deangirl

Dear SD,
CW paired it with the senior citizen Smallville, which we already know will be ending after next season.  There is a good chance that this may as well be Supernatural's last season.  Though, I'm sure the guys are down for another.  Neither one has branched off yet, which makes them both pretty nervous.  That foursome is one messed up bunch if you ask me.

Hey GB hope things are well with you and yours =)
I have 2 questions if thats ok?
1) Have you ever voiced a character in a cartoon, movie or otherwise?
2) What happened with BMB? did he acknowledge you giving him a heads up?
take care and keep on truckin babe!!

BMB did thank me for the head's up.  Nothing was even required, just didn't want him to be played.  Trolls are annoying, as we all know. 

You recently confirmed that Alex was one of your blind items.  Is this blind about Alex and Kate?

I'm a long time lurker and a recent twitter follower.  Love your site!  I stumbled across commentary for the new season 2 True Blood DVD that made me giggle.  Alexander Skarsgard talks candidly about his "bromance" with actor Michael McMillian
 "Alex: This was our first night working together, and we kinda had a little bromance there. We found each other that night, and started hanging out a lot. And he’s actually my date to this awards show the day after tomorrow. So, he’s one of my best friends now. This was our first moment together. He’s an amazing guy.
Stephen: I’ve got a fantastic photograph of you two on those stairs. You’re both kind of smiling at me like you’re lovers."
Sorry for the long-winded email! 

Thanks so much, and cheers!
You are a true detective. But no, that is not the blind about Kate and Alex. It's a little more revealing.
Dear Gossip Boy, 
I have a couple questions regarding you.
1) Do you have a six pack?
and 2) George Clooney. What's your take of him (have you met?). aka, if I approached him in the street and asked him to hug me, would he a) freak out, b)tell me to eff off, c) ignore me or d) ... hug me? 
AND ONE MORE. Is there a possibility I have a shirtless poster of you on my wall? 
xoxo Semack
I think I drank one or two, so it's probably a four pack.  And George Clooney stays out of the public eye for many reasons.  I'd go with E, smile and walk away.  That's if you get past his security.  It's Clooney for Pete's sakes.
The blind about the video of two costars caught kissing at a party. Everyone was assuming that was J2 - but did I imagine it, or did you 'not' them in a tweet? If you did, I'm puzzled now as to who it could be. The reason peeps assumed it was J2 (apart from the fact that they want it to be them) was that the item was salted with 'Supernatural' clues. They were very obvious, so unless they were deliberate misdirection, it really had to be someone on SPN. So come on, spill - just who was Bobby Singer kissing up against a wall in the shadows? Castiel? Zachariah? Inquiring (and dirty) minds want to know!! ;-P 
You are correct, it wasn't Jensen or Jared.  Was not aware it had Supernatural clues in it.  As for Bobby Singer....ew?
Dear Gossip Boy:
 Is it just me or have you noticed that one particular gossip site has been posting the majority of the photos of Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth's not so secret getaway to his hometown? Not only that, but has been posting photographs of her at any event she shows up at or anytime she notices there's a camera is in range? (what, are they on her payroll or something?)
Thanks! Love ya GB!
It's not just you.
Is Christian Darko Kanye West?  That seems to be the popular guess. Love YOU!

CD is not Kanye West.  Christian is less of a douche, publicly anyway.  
 Gossip Boy,
I am hooked on you and your gossip. Keep it up!  Have a question about Sunshine.  Is it Misha Barton?  
Sorry love. Close but no cigar. Keep it up, you are warm though.


Anonymous said...

...luuuuvvvvv friday q&a day...luv everyday...;)

Jamie Dal Cero said...

love the AS & KB question and response, I was wondering the exact same thing. Which is blind is about them? Love ya GB!


Tania said...

yes, the words 'super' and 'natural' were used in a way that stood out. Blinds often use wording as a clue. Even though I'm not a J2 shipper & wasn't looking for it to be them, I couldn't help but notice. You read enough blinds, you get into the habit. If it wasn't intentional, fair enuff.

Aww, middle-aged hunters in baseball caps need love, too. But the only person Bobby gets to kiss is Crowley - not fair! ;-)

udontknowme22 said...

Gossip Boy... U crack me up :-D Thanks for the great Q & A on an otherwise boring thursday!

pomme said...

Taylor T is the lead for "john carter of the mars" a big blockbuster!! so he can be huge soon

Anonymous said...

The Alex/Kate blind is obvious--it's the one about which couple will soon break up now that their movie has been pushed back. GB has been saying all along that their relationship isn't serious and has more to do with their movie than anything. Just like Ted. And just like Ted, his inside scoop on them doesn't seem all that reliable.

On the site that publishes the photos of them (Just Jared), there's a less nefarious possibility as to why. Any photos of the two generate at least 11 pages of comments. Hello. It's a little amusing reading 11 pages full of: "Why does Jared publish so much Kate Bosworth?" Uh, because he gets mega hits and comments when he does? I wouldn't be surprised if KB would like him to be on the payroll, mind you, but right now, she has no need to shell out big bucks. The Alexander connection works.

Also, GB, you know perfectly well you loaded the co-stars kissing entry with Supernatural clues. Backtracking now is pretty strange--unless you are just making stuff up?

Anonymous said...

I read those blinds and aside from the word super I didn't see any clues. I am convinced Fern is Sophia Bush and Austin is Gnarley. He is a surfer. Trying to figure who on OTH would be Whitey.

Just realized that the coach on OTH was named Whitey.