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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Click the links for a laugh!

Maybe if you cut your effin hair, you could see!

The stupidest move that Disney has made since it planted the slut tree that Miley Cyrus grew on 

Anyone know where Spencer Pratt was last night?

Another sign that Armageddon is near

 Well doesn't this make things a little more interesting?

He seems like a Carrie to me


Anonymous said...

I know you're depressed, but you're going to have to shave eventually.

A, just A said...

^ Who are you talking to??

The "Sex and the city" thing that Jake said... FANTASTIC...

And I should leave it there, to honour genius. But I'll add: I'm a woman but there isn't just one way of being a woman and those four have just nothing to do with me. I'm just not about shoes and relationships. Some might think that's realistic. Not me. What else is there then? Everything, I say.

Summing up... Yay, Jake!!

Anonymous said...

why the Britney hate?

Hollowdoll said...

I was sure the Evil Clown Apocalypse had come the other day when there were not 1, not 2, but 3 Lindsay Lohan movies on at the same time. One more and I was going to start attending church again!