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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ed Westwick And Jessica Szohr Reunite

In something that sounded like a plot from their hit show, Gossip Girl.  Ed Westwick found out via tabloids that girlfriend Jessica Szohr was getting very friendly with other guys.  Jessica reportedly dropped everything and took a flight to where Ed was to only be sent back home alone.

Now the duo has been spotted all over L.A together, looking very much back in love.  Friends have said that Ed really loves Jessica and she denied that she ever cheated on him.  Everyone knew that it would only be a matter of time before Ed took her back. 

When Gossip Girl returns, Jessica won't be around as much I am told.  The season ended with her character Vanessa in Haiti while her boyfriend Dan realized he was in love with his ex Serena.  Of course this was before he found out Georgina was preggers with his baby.

Either way, I have heard Jessica won't be featured in the beginning of the next season, leaving her to roam free while Ed is at work.  Jessica is someone who needs to be watch closely, trust. 


Anonymous said...

No one would know her name if she weren't hooking up with Ed... guess she's still managed to pull the wool over his eyes. She's basically off GG, so can't imagine CW is pushing them back together???

Hollowdoll said...

Wake up Ed you deserve better! I hope this has opened up your eyes to who she really is.

Anonymous said...

It kind of is annoying that even with these cheating rumors confirmed everyone will think that she didnt do it and it was a rumor, thats probably the only reason she went back to him, she seems so fake.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment above mine.

While I'm happy that they're back together and look SO cute, I hate how people are saying "I know those cheating rumors were false!".

She did cheat on him. It might have been a huge mistake on her part but still she did it. And she's lucky that Ed is so in love with her that he forgave her and took her back.

Kate said...

[quote]Jessica is someone who needs to be watch closely, trust. [/quote]

so she really cheated on him with several guys?