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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

Dear Gossip Boy,
What is up with Megan Fox getting fired from T3? Everybody thinks that it is because she badmouthed Michael Bey? Do you really think she will leave Hollywood now? Love your site!

I am sure that Michael had his reasons for kicking Megan off of the franchise train and I am also pretty sure that it had to do with her whining about the toll the last movie took on her precious body. In case you haven't notice, Megan has been on a mission to change her image and I'm pretty sure this will teach her to bite the hand that feeds you.

Did Paul Wesley get married to that crazy nanny from One Tree Hill?  Didn't he introduce her as his wife? Why is no one talking about it? Their Wiki pages said that they were married!!

Please do not believe everything you read on Wikipedia.  For Pete's sake, anybody can add anything on there. I do know that Paul has been calling Torrey DeVitto his wife, but only to certain people.  If you ask me, it is a joke that was taken too far.  I mean, it's not like he got suddenly got married and his people scolded him for ruining his single heartthrob status and made him hide it or even worse, annul it. That would never happen in a nice town like this.

Dearest GB,
I love your site and I have noticed that people are starting to discover it.  I have a question about your blinds.  I notice that you name them, quite like Ted Casablanca does.  Not to point any fingers, but couldn't you have thought of any other way?  Regardless, is Sunshine and Thunder Mila Kunis and Jonathan Rhys Meyers?

The reason that I give the blinds name is for people to keep track of them and so that when they ask questions, as you just did, I can answer them.  Ted is the King of Blind Vices and I guess if you want to say his is my homage to him then go ahead.  As for Mila and Jonathan, you are very close but so far away.

Dear GB,
I find it odd that you would get rid of anonymous postings when you are anonymous yourself. Actually, I find it hypocritical. You are not the only one who finds joy in the freedom of anonymous blogging. 
A Nonnie

You are very right, and I just want to let you know that when I read this letter from you a couple of days ago, I made it possible for anonymous comments once again.  Some people like to hide in the shadows, as I do, so who am I to judge?

Have you ever been the star of, or co-star, of a Ted C Blind Vice? I'm straight, but a big supporter of gay rights!!! Shouldn't everyone be? Equality for all. Oh, and love your blog. 
No Name,
I cannot really say if I have or not to be honest with you.  There was one awhile ago that sounded like me, but it was a little too vague.  It's easier for me to read them and figure out who they are.  

Dear GB,
What is the deal with the Glee boys?  Cory Monteith is 28 hanging out with the teenage Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez?

Taylor hangs out with a certain crowd of people in case you haven't noticed.  The Glee boys have some secrets, like that Mark Salling had a Paris Hilton reaction for a brief amount of time.  As for Cory, I don't think he even knows what his secrets are yet.  He seems a little aloof.
Dear Gossip Boy,
Did you really warn  Big Mouth Billy?  Don't you find that as a little pussyish?  You made it sound like you were going to reveal it and then you whimped out!

I thought about what I would want someone to do if that was me and I reacted as such.  BMB might have just needed a little wake up call that he needs to check out his sources before running something is all.  It's called morals, maybe you should look it up

@The_Gossip_Boy: R there any gay couples that actually stay together for the long haul? No names needed, just curious if any make it in HW
@Udontknowme22 via twitter
There are one or two that have actually been together for a good amount of time.  The actors that are out also seem to have a handle on long relationships.  The ones in the closet would probably make your jaw drop.

Dear GB,
Why in the hell is James Franco going back to GH? And why is David Boreanaz such a douche?

I have no effin clue.

Gossip Boy,
Why are you so hard on Danneel?  And why are you the only person who cares about Jensen and Jared?  No one else posts anywhere near the amount of crap you do.  Are you one of them or do you work for the show?

Obviously I am not the only one who cares if you are upset about my treatment of Frozie.  You must follow the J's if you come here and felt the need to write me about them.

Is Kellan Lutz as perfect as he seems?  There is something about him. He might ping.

Kellan is perfect, with every ripple, muscle, and huge swinging bulge.  Kellan likes the ladies and he likes them a lot.  I cannot picture him making out with a guy, but I'd love to try.

Have you ever written a blind about Lea Michele? Does she have a name or is it one of the mini blinds? Love your site.....LOVELOVELOVE!


Is Rock Jock by any chance Justin Timberlake?  Who would make their girlfriend have an abortion by just pulling up to a clinic? He deserves to be single, not messing with poor Justin Case.

Good guess with Justin.  Just a little bit off.  And trust me when I tell you that Black Sheep might not have known she was going to the clinic, but she was going to end up there eventually.


AJ said...

So glad JT is not Rock Jock, thats the kind of Douche-stain that can never be washed off.

udontknowme22 said...

Thanks Gossip boy :-) epic response... "It's called morals, maybe you should look it up" :-D

Anonymous said...

Rock Jock is Efron. He just seems like a skeez to me irl.

Anonymous said...

God, I love Gossip Boy. For so many reasons. Gossip Boy, whoever you are, thanks for being a badass. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Rock Jock is totally Efron. It's not that surprising.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO, a gossip blogger spouting off about morals. None of you have any shame.

The people you gossip about are real people with real lives and real feelings. None of you are any better than the rest.

freckledk said...

I was going to thank you for allowing anonymous comments on your anonymous blog -- but then I read 5/20 @ 8:29pm. I'm having to remind myself that not all anon commenters are 35 years old, pantless, living in their parent's basement, and taking a quick break from World of Warcraft to pop onto your site and offer such a useless comment but, thanks to 8:29pm, I'm becoming jaded again.

Anyway, have a nice weekend. My two best gays are in LA this weekend (and are super hot, btw). If you have any tips for good hangout spots, shoot me an email. xo

Callie said...

Hey nonney 8:29, don't be so quick to throw stones my friend. If the rest of us have no shame, what's your excuse? You're here reading the gossip same as we are.

I LMFAO right back atcha-

Anonymous said...

Thanks for turning anon posting back on. I too am in the industry & prefer to hit the anon button. Kudos too on warning Billy Big Mouth. Showed you are a class act. The site is rockin, you have the material (not that there isn't enough out there) and you present it wonderfully so who needs to take out a rival. Just continue to do what you do, GB & we'll be reading.