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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Elizabeth Perkins Quits Doing Weeds

Sad news from the Showtime hit 'Weeds'. Emmy nominee Elizabeth Perkins is leaving her popular role and frenemy Nancy Botwin behind to go back to the big screen.

Perkins, who plays the crabby, yet hilarious, breast cancer-survivor plotting neighbor Celia Hodes on the Showtime series, will be missing when the show returns for its sixth season on Aug. 16. She'll be off playing James Marsden's mom in the upcoming live-action/CG-animated flick 'I Hop.'

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Perkins is also developing a sitcom as a starring vehicle for herself. In a 2009 interview with AOL TV, Perkins said she and 'Weeds' co-star Mary-Louise Parker have talked about starring together in an American remake of the hit Britcom 'Absolutely Fabulous.'

As for how 'Weeds' will deal with the actress' departure, that could be a challenge, since her Celia was about to embark on a big, and almost certainly hilarious, storyline. In the season 5 finale, Celia was living in a storage locker and had decided to emulate her pal Nancy (Parker) by starting her own drug-dealing team with ex-hubby Dean (Andy Milder), frenemy Doug (Kevin Nealon) and daughter Isabelle (Allie Grant).

I will miss her character and her relationship with Nancy.  Elizabeth Perkins and Mary Louise Parker shared such a chemistry that even when their characters hated each other, their insults were filled with love.

Via TV Squad


MrsWinchester said...

Sad GB how you try so hard and still cannot get enough credit. You have more posts than any other gossip blogger and they have more detail and length as well, yet no one comes to your site. Just shows how hard the newbies have to work while the established ones can rest on their laurels. That said,GB maybe you do too much work on the blog and should spread it out since no one really comes here anyway. Or better yet, get a life

BobNYC said...

MrsWinchester is a sad old scrunch. She delivers deserved praise then takes it away with a rude slap. She is correct about one thing: "You have more posts than any other gossip blogger and they have more detail and length as well" I think you are terrific and appreciate all your efforts. And...uh...clearly you DO have a life! Thanks for sharing!!!

Hollowdoll said...

Apparently someone didn't have there V8 today. Or maybe Mrs. W is just bitter and is like that everyday. Sucks to be you!

Anonymous said...

Gossip Boy, I don't see a place to comment on the poll, but wtf? Pattinson one of the choices for shame fuck? When did he get put in the same category as Levi Johnson?