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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hump Day Humper

This week's Hump Day Humper is Supernatural's very own, Misha Collins.  This poor guy's sexiness often gets shadowed by the the series stars and no one seems to realize that Misha is in the background, smoldering all on his own. 

Not only is the man flexible enough to do some pretty freaky things, he has a gorgeous body that he keeps hidden way to much.  Do you know how hard it is to find a picture of this guy with his shirt off?  And how about the shot from above?  I didn't care for the movie, but I take the photo at face value and just tuck that image of him away for later.  And we all know that Misha may be a man on the street, but he a freak in da' bed.  Just read his wife's book.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah thanks, finally!! He's so hot!He deserves much more attention :D Thaks GB!

radha said...

Misha also gets bonus points for hiding in the crowd and pretending to be a fan at a Supernatural convention, asking Jensen and Jared “Is it hard playing brothers when you are lovers in real life?"

I kind of love this guy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you GB! This man is BEE-U-tiful. He deserves equal coverage a'la J and J. You made my day.

BobNYC said...

Nice choice GB! And as to the question "Is it hard playing brothers when you are lovers in real life?" Hell Yes! Who wants to kiss their brother?

Anonymous said...

Loving Misha too but still have to have Jensen and Jared first. I really have to find his wife's book! Wonder if she's been trying to sell the boys on the lifestyle?

Anonymous said...

the guys on set must have fun with this book..i think they should have a supernatural episode where Dean and Sam meet her,and she trie to sell them on the lifestyle..that will be hilarious

For whats its worth i think the J2 fans are spectacularly funny and the Js are always polite about their fans, but it must be funny when folks are cooking up stories about you all the time

Just heard of these two when the show came on TNT this year, looked up the show and behold, the craziness about the Js...its pretty funny

I think the are good actors , very comfortable with each other, and set must be a fun place to work,,,not shanen Ds around for sure.

As to if they are gay, no clue besides any one wanting to make in HW will always have some kind of intresting sexual past unless you daddy is Tom Cruise..ahahhahah

I would think most men or women in HW swing both ways anyhow, but in the end make a choice on how to live the rest of thier life ...its nice to have some kind of preference!

rog457 said...

Very humpable, good looking, sexy, intelligent, funny, what more could a girl or guy ask for.

Callie said...

I love me some Misha, right after Jensen and his sexy lips! Yummy-