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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Met Gala 2010

Katy Perry literally glowed in this beautiful dress.  And hello legs!
The hottest guy there last night.  Penn Badgley rocked the scruff, the suit and if only he were gay, he could rock me. 
Blake Lively looked gorgeous in blue, but if the poor thing would have bent over,
her vadge would have made a show.  I'm sure boyfriend
Penn Badgley loved it though.
One scary looking desperate housewife
January Jones owns the color pink after last night.  No, seriously. Google it!
Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake looked classy as usual.  Guess they had to
prove those break-up rumors wrong.
And here is the reason Ed Westwick was just about the only member of the
Gossip Girl that was missing last night.
Kate's dress was beautiful, but her attitude I hear was not.
Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger worked the carpet.
A stoned looking Kristen Stewart. A joint would actually explain this.
Mila Kunis and Vera Wang lit up the red carpet.
So that is what happened to my Grandma's couch!
A very hippie looking Leighton Meester showed up at an after party with her man Sebastian Stan.  
Chace also arrived at the after party but didn't give a damn to look good for it.
Hayden showed he could give two shits less about walking in with his long-time
love, Rachel Bilson.
Smoking hot
What the Fey?
Homewreckers unite

By the way, the answers to the Blinds are above!


BobNYC said...

Thanks for the pics GB, but please next time, put a warning label over Kristen Stewart. That pic makes me puke. That skank smell poured out of my computer screen and knocked me out of my chair. Oh, and sorry I forgot to comb Chaces hair before he left my bedroom.

Anonymous said...

I don't even think Bosworth's dress was beautiful. It's alright but like something you'd wear to a family wedding, less the puddling back. Just don't like the shape or the fabric.

So do tell about the attitude . . . because she knew she'd have to face the Stella McCartney crowd? Or because she was minus an escort?

Anonymous said...

GB, did you take that Katy Perry pic urself? Its a lil blurry

Anonymous said...

"what the fey?" is my new favourite expression.


Anonymous said...

Agree. Would also like to hear more about Kate Bosworth and her attitude.

Anonymous said...

Kate is blind number one - she was trashed. Poor Kate, she never really recovered...wait, she wasn't the blind that went downhill after trying to the beard tried to jump the closeted guy. I could imagine Orlando running screaming.
Blind number two - would say Katy Perry but Brand wasn't there & don't want to imagine Sienna & Jude who are certainly trashy enough but reek more of skank than heat.
Number three - Bilson & Christiansen. He is a shit. Prime shit. Unless it's Timberlake, another ass.

And Penn B looks hot but stoned. Hope he had a good time. Think stoned would be a good way to do this party.

Anonymous said...

Good God GB! Who dresses these people? And Giselle - she looks all face-lifted and botoxed.