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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Katie Holmes Crazy Ex-Fiance

It has become painfully clear that Katie Holmes likes a little side of crazy with her men. All of the years I thought Katie was miserable with the insane Tom Cruise, but after seeing her ex-fiance Chris Klein in this audition tape it has become clear that Katie likes crazy.  Poor girl should have just stuck it out with Joshua Jackson.

How lame would Mama Mia have been with Klein and Mandy Moore as it's stars?


Felix said...

I get a copyright block when I tried to play.

Anonymous said...

Ever read/hear an interview with Chris Klein? He really seems like a special kind of asshole. His blinding egotism was certainly a sign of things to come with Cruise.

I always liked the story that Katie's manager/publicist set her up with Klein after her breakup with Josh Jackson because everyone on Dawson's Creek was sick of her moping, bitching, whining and crying while Josh healed his broken heart with various co-stars and all the on-set extras supplied courtesy of Fincannon.

pusssykatt said...

You can still see it here