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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mother Pucker! Glee Hits The Mother Lode!

 Picture Taken By Dianna Agron

If you missed last night's remarkable episode of Glee then you should not read any further.  
We have heard the rumors for awhile.  Hell, we suggested them casting choice.  But last night everything fell into place and we Gleeks loved it.  Last night it was finally revealed that Shelby Corcoran, the coach of Vocal Adrenline, was in fact Rachel's birth mother!  It was a bombshell that we have been waiting to drop since Lea Michele first walked onto our screens. 

Not only did we finally get a Mama for Rachel, we were treated to an amazing Whedon-esque episode. Joss Whedon was written all over last night's episode from the duet with Will and Bryan to the flash mob scene with Artie. 

Last night's episode has set us up for next week's finale with Rachel finally meeting her mother and a kiss that is said to change everything.  And if you think we will get out of this season without a baby Puck being born, you are wrong.  Get your gifts now, because this time next week Quinn will be a Mother Pucker.

If you missed any part of the episode, here it is in full. 


Anonymous said...

...i absolutely loved this episode and how everything fell into place..from the brilliantly played flash mob scene, mama-rachel set up, will and bryan's amazing vocals, the inuendo between sue and bryan.. everything...
aaakk..another week's wait!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fox 41 WDRB is in Louisville, Kentucky. Is that where you are, Gossip Boy?

The Gossip Boy And Gigi said...

Actually, I got the link from Yidio.Com

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure there are 3 episodes left. The finale is June 8.

Jorge Rodrigues said...

Yeah, Anonymous is right. Glee ends in June 8.

touched said...

annnnd, thanks for that link.. my tivo had a "moment" fantastic eppi. i could watch 24 hours of golf if Joss had a hand in it :-)