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Monday, May 10, 2010

Lea Michele Does Damage Control

After Ted Casablanca revealed Lea Michele as his not-so Blind Vice this morning, the actress took to her Twitter to try and right the wrongs that she had done at the Time 100 Gala.
  1. Made a silly joke that didn’t go over, so sorry. It was such an incredible night and I was beyond honored and thrilled to be there:)  
  2. Big apology to @PatrickMcMullan. Totally didn’t expect you (or anyone) @Time 100 to know who I was w/all the amazin people there:)


Anonymous said...

Pick me, Pick me! I'm guessing she is part of the lesbian roommates turned ex friends with the bitchy girl ( Lea) trying to get the sweet girl ( Dianna) off the show.

Anonymous said...

She'd make a great Proactive girl.

Anonymous said...


Felix said...

Not defending her, but what sort of childhood would she have had? I would not like to be her at all.

BobNYC said...

Lets guess how much she extra she had to pay her PR people to write those tweets for her!

blc said...

Obviously she didn't pay them enough