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Monday, May 10, 2010

Taylor Momsen's Potty Mouth

A strung out looking Taylor Momsen appeared on a morning talk show promoting whatever train wreck she has gotten herself into this week. Poor girl must not be used to being interviewed, well who would want to? Anyway, the girl managed to say shit on the air didn't really give off a good image.  I know that it is no F bomb, but the girl should have enough class to know how to conduct herself.

Poor girl, maybe this is why you are being shipped off of Gossip Girl. Yes, I know it's for half of the season, but trust me. Little J is on her way out of the UES.


Divide by Zero said...

I don't really get the big deal...then again, shit is a fairly commonly used word on tv in my country. No one cares. It obviously is different in Britain/US/Other places

Anonymous said...

I don't see the big deal, really. She did look pretty trashed though. Think she should get a benefit of the doubt with her 'food poisoning' story.

Felix said...

Far far too much makeup.

Anonymous said...

Food poisoning....LMAO

blc said...

No it's not a big watch your mouth on network television. This c tries too hard