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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mindy McCready Overdoses

Sadly this news is not that shocking, but Country singer Mindy McCready has reportedly been hospitalized for a drug overdose.

Mindy was at her mother’s home in North Fort Myers, FL when she took an unspecified number of pills before being taken to Cape Coral Hospital.

A spokesman for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that a call was made for “an overdose.”

McCready’s mother told the 911 operator, “My daughter has taken an overdose,” and acknowledges that it was “intentional.”

McCready’s mother also tells the dispatcher that the singer “took a lot” of Darvocet and a muscle relaxer, and that her daughter was “in and out” of consciousness.

McCready attempted suicide in 2008 and appeared on “Celebrity Rehab” earlier this year.



Felix said...

I have no idea who she is, but, it is so sad when someone considers their life not worth living.

Kathryn said...

This is sad to hear. I hope this time she can get some help.

Anonymous said...

She sang "Guys Do It All The Time" or something close to that way back in the day. Kind of like a one hit wonder. Abusive relationships and drug abuse seems to be the regular pattern of her life. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

She is a walking, talking mess. I sincerely hope she gets real help or her and Lohan will be sharing a cemetary plot.