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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sophia Bush Lays The Groundwork

Sophia Bush admitted recently that she and Austin Nichols have been dating on and off for four years and that he took the One Tree Hill job just for her.  Yeah, because he had so many offers coming in that him choosing OTH really says something.

"We had so many years of history prior to him coming to work on the show," she explained, "and I think someone taking a job and moving their life across the country to show you how much they care is pretty much the most romantic gesture that a person could make."

What I find interesting is that she is saying that they have a four year history with in the past two years she was linked to James Lafferty, another one of her co-stars.  And it was not just rumored, they confirmed their relationship and were said to be very hot and heavy for awhile.  Let me re-phrase that, I saw it with my own two eyes how hot and heavy they were.  Granted, it was probably lust and nothing serious, but it was during the time she claims to have been with Austin.

Maybe these two have some arrangements in their relationship that allows for such gestures, but it sounds to me as if Sophia is dropping hints to her big day.  Seems to be year of the CW weddings as I was told by a very reliable source that Austin plans on pitching the idea of marriage to Sophia, who would totally scoop it up.

After being broken by Chad Michael Murray and her mild heartbreaks from the other guys, Austin is probably the chick's safety blanket and she knows that he would never do to her what the others did.  It's just not in his nature.


Jolt said... this the year for Beardzillas?

Cap said...

Austin is probably the chick's safety blanket and she knows that he would never do to her what the others did. It's just not in his nature.

What did the other guys do? Have sex with her?

Divide by Zero said...

lol @ cap

But seriously Austin, what is the effin point??? If you absolutely MUST have a beard, why not just do the "long term relationship" thing a la Goldie and Russ, Susan and Tim (sorta). STOP WITH THE FAKE MARRIAGES, HW. It's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Gossip Boy,
You may want to consider rewriting your article about Sophia's past relationships. Do the words "ON and OFF" mean anything to you?? Yes, she dated James Lafferty and yes she has also dated another guy before James within the past 4 years. Do you really expect her to start talking about her past relationships? Relationships that have ended? She only talked about her relationship with Austin since she is CURRENTLY dating him. Sophia didn't mention anything about dating Austin during the time she was with James. All she said was that she and Austin have had a on again and off again relationship but she NEVER confirmed any dates. So you have no right to try and initiate that Sophia was supposedly dating Austin while she was with James because she NEVER said that. Stop trying to twist her words.

She dated Austin briefly during 2006 and then again in 2008 after she broke up with Jon Foster. She then dated James Lafferty for a while and after she and James ended their relationship, she decided to give her and Austin another chance. Hence, this is what she meant by "on and off again." She has had 3 boyfriends over the course of over 4 years. Big deal. And excuse her for not providing you with any precise dates.

Erin said...

GB said he knows them which means there is more to the story. Maybe you should calm the hell down and see what he has to say. Are YOU Sophia? Do YOU know her? No? Then STFU!

Anonymous said...

People read the blog because they are looking for salacious twists. GB's just giving them what they want.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite movies is "The Crying Game". Is the "it's not in his nature" a shoutout to that situation?

Anonymous said...

Wow, beards or not-to-beard. What I want to know is does ANYONE have ANY evidence that Austin or J2 are gay or bi? I'm talking about a real kiss, touching of private parts, witnesses, etc.? Or, is this just sensationalize for boredom sake? Don't get me wrong, I'm gay, love gay love/sex, man-on-man is hot, but we shouldn't do traumatize these lads, especially if they are not gay/bi.

Come on folks, any evidence, not 3rd party rumors - real evidence?

All the best to all.

Jolt said...

nonie 9:05 (and please make up a name at least)...

if I'm not mistaken, Austin was the other guy when Jake was caught/brought into the station, doing the HandyMan in a parking garage in WeHo. Google that.

Anonymous said...

What's so bad about being single, Beard Women? Whatever happened to being okay with being single because you're waiting for the right person. Doesn't even have to be the person you marry, just the right person for that time in your life!
I just can't understand all this ridiculous bearding....but then again, I'm a sane woman from the suburbs, so I guess I'll never understand these attention wh*res.
It's like marriage means nothing anymore, it's sad.

Lilly said...

I really wish the CW-fake-beard-weddings would stop. It's no fun anymore. Not for the people involved, not for the fans - for nobody. Somebody should do something about it. How about one the men finally having the guts to come out? Or all of them together? And if not that - stop the weddings. Just date for a long time. The fans who want to believe they are straight buy that. And all the others doesn't buy the weddings anyway. So there is no point.

BobNYC said...

To Anon 10:07 "Sane woman from the suburbs": Of course you're right and make sense. And yes part of it is they are attention wh0res. Getting attention is a major part of being considered a success. (starting to get the idea that your standards are not HW standards?) But you are missing a key point: In many, or perhaps most, cases, its the 7-figure paychecks that go along with the bearding. The "marriage" isn't about marriage! (AHA! The Difference!) Its part of the ACTING. And the compensation is good.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Jake and Austin were at least 'very close' based on some of their mutual friends stumbled upon social networking pages a few years ago that suddenly went private when word got out in one of the Jake fandoms and all hell ensued when the PR people descended.

There was an industry blogger that started people guessing about 3 years ago, when someone chanced upon his gay men's lowkey blog about a party he'd been to, where he was set to be introduced to Nichols and hoped for a date. He claimed Nichols was somewhat unresponsive to his advances (though seemed a bit flirty) and he worked the reason out why very quickly. Nichols left the party with Jake. Neither actor was specifically named but he linked to their imdb profiles.

Around the same time very private photos turned up of the pair attending a Hollywood halloween party together which you won't have seen make the traditional 'halloween' People-esque public party pics in November. These were rather dimwittedly posted onto a fandom blog and again, all hell cut loose. Then came the Lakers pics and round town walkabouts and later on, cycling pictures. Jake appeared to wave the rainbow flag for his gay-loving fangurls and rub the noses of his own PR in it.

Of course by then agency people repping these two were out in force trying to smother all the gossip. Jake quickly got bearded up with anything female in passing and then Reese Witherspoon, and Austin was linked to longtime friend of both he and Jake, Sophia Bush.

Originally, there were some interesting photos of Bush and Nichols walking down the beach, or was it Bush and Jake, can't remember now, but one of the TWO males present was cut out of the mainstream versions of these prints.

The originals contained all three people, and the edited version made it look like a man and woman alone, except they either forgot or deliberately left in a pair of floating shoes carried by a third person that magically tagged along with the two.

There have been other inferences on blogs and forums, and TMZ outright wrote that Jake and Austin shacked themselves up for a day in a filmset trailer and left the rest to everyone's imagination.

The it all got kicked into touch by the machine of Hollywod, who said Jake and Co couldn't be seen hanging out together, whether they were gay or not, and that was that.

Periodically, someone sees or pictures Jake and 'someone who looks like Nichols' together but Jake has a large circle of friends and it could be anyone. There are a lot of tall dark-haired male friends of Jake's so...

Anyway, that's what I know. I also know Jake spent a lot of time over the summer people thought he was dating Austin Nichols, actually WITH Austin in Texas. Maybe as no more than friends but... well, you decide.