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Friday, June 25, 2010

Check It Out

Someone should tell her that this has NOTHING to do with her!

You kiss Dustin Hoffman and now you think you are God or something?

Is it because you couldn't be cast as Bella due to over sluttiness?

Wow, does your penis feel bigger now?

Stop fallin, stop fallin I don't wanna judge anymore


Hawt said...

Miley Who?

Jolt said...

oh anyone believed the Jake/Vienna thing was real??!!

Hello Vienna, you say he was never intimate with you...when did the 'he's gay' lightbulb come on for ya?

maybe once he gets with a buddy and grabs his ankles, he wont be so cranky.

just sayin..

Anonymous said...

wow, Miley's gonna piss off a large chunk of her fanbase with that attitude! Thing is, if the young ones don't like her anymore, who will? I don't know a single adult who gives a sh*t about her. Sure she's a child and we all say really stupid things at that age, but she's the one who claims she's all grown up. Well, Miley, grown-ups know when to shut up!

udontknowme22 said...

ROFLMAO... you so should have warned me on that last one... wine never tastes all that great when it leaves the body through your nostrils...Curse you, Gossip Boy... now I am gonna be humming that all night!!! LOL !! :-0

entertainment crumb said...

Okay, three things:
1. Why do people care about Jake and Vienna again?
2. After this week, I'm starting to agree with Miley.
3. I like Lady Gaga, truly, but she asked for it in those shoes.

Anonymous said...

I completely disagree with the Jason Bateman hate. The poor guy was waiting in an insanely long line just like everyone else. He didn't behave as if he was entitled to anything. They saught him out and let him in first. Anyone who says they would decline that offer is lying.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have to ask....out of 2,000 people, how did Apple find Jason Bateman? Just wondering.