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Monday, June 7, 2010

Scarlett Johansson Welcomes Sandra Back With A Kiss

Last night's MTV Movie Awards proved to hold some surprises, something that MTV is very good at.

Sandra Bullock was the recipient of The Generation Award, MTV's version of the Lifetime Achievement Award. Bradley Cooper and Betty Whit took to the stage to present her with the award, with a little help from Scarlett Johansson. No one really knew why Scar was part of the trio since she had never starred with Sandra in any films, unlike her husband Ryan Reynolds who was Sandra's love interest in The Proposal.

Scarlett revealed that Ryan couldn't be there to accept Best Kiss had he and Sandy one, so Scar decided that she would show up to have the chance to make-out with Sandy. And in one moment, we remembered why we loved Sandra Bullock so much as she grabbed Scarlett's head and planted a kiss on the hot blond.

Sandra gave an amazing speech and gave the world permission to make fun of her again and to forget all the bad stuff that has happened this year and get back to normal.


giovanealex said...

I like Sandra and she is really funny but I simply hate that boring blond. I think Sandra could have chosen something better to kiss.

Anonymous said...

I'm a woman and I'd kiss Scar if I could.

Anonymous said...

I am stunned; she is the last person I thought would get on that train though after the things her husband has done maybe its what's next for her.

Felix said...

Sandra is a funny lady, but the kiss thing is overdone now