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Monday, June 7, 2010

Kristen Stewart Ruins A Tradition

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson won Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards last night for the second year in a row. And for the second year in a row, they have ruined a tradition that MTV has been known for.

I know it's really not that big of a deal, but I find it a little disrespectful. In the past years the MTV has given this award, the winners have all re-enacted the kiss that won them the award. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams set the bar for hot kisses at the awards and not many have lived up to it. 

Look K. Stew, I get that you think that kissing Rob on stage would be a little to personal for you, we all know how awkwardly shy you are.  However, you need to grow up and realize that without you and Rob you would not really be what you are today.  You won the award for best kiss, don't be a bitch.

I slightly wonder how this would have changed had Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning had won best kiss.  More up your alley, Kristen?


appreciates honesty said...

You need to make up your mind GB, one post has you stating they are BF/GF, next you insinuate that she's into girls, so which is it.

You know I like gossip as much as the next person and I'am new to your site, but I wish just one of you gossip bloggers had the balls to tell the real truth, if you know it that is. I get that it keeps people interested the longer you drag something out, but don't you think that it adds more to your credibility if someone told the truth now and again. So what's it going to be, (are you really in the know) are they in a real relaysh or is it all PR.

I do think you have a fun site and enjoy viewing your posts, esp. the blinds, your very good at those, I do understand legal issues, where gossip is concerned, but I don't understand how it's so hard to truthfully admitt whether 2 actors are the real deal or not.

Thanks for your time

Just someone who likes to separate the fake from the real.

blc said...

For one thing you can have a boyfriend and be into girls..."rolls eyes"...another is...there will be no one...I repeat..NO ONE!!! who will ever beat that kiss between Rachel and Ryan..Hoot, Holla and Woohoo!!

Anonymous said... exactly is it Kris's fault? I think that the kiss was adorkable and fun. So they want to keep things that so bad? Come on, you know it was way more than anyone expected out of them!! And GB, to insinuate that Kris would rather kiss Dakota, you're getting to be just as bad as Perass Hilton!! I enjoy reading your blog, don't ruin it for me!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe the reason Rachel & Ryan's kiss was so hot was because they were a real couple...whereas Rob & Kristen are nothing more than best friends set up into a PR relationship?

Anonymous said...

Oh NO gossip're miffed she ruined a tradition? You deceive your entire fan base because you aren't comfortable coming out so I had no idea you had such attachments to traditions. I like your site and I really don't care who you are or who you do, but you protect yourself by not allowing the public into your real life...why should straight celebrities be criticized for protecting themesleves...and from you it comes as a disappointment.

Melanie said...

Kristen is NOT a lesbian GB!

Anonymous said...

WHO CARES?!?!?!?!?
I mean really. Lame post. Lame blinds lately. I have a sneaking suspicion that you gossip boy are a fraud. I'm out this blog is LAME.
I was willing to overlook the constant CW (esp Vampire Diaries posts) but your POV has crossed over to trite.
Peace suckers!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe in an interview Rob said they planned this. So how is it all Kristen's fault. Gossip Boy, you're starting to sound like a bitter Perez carbon copy. Jealous because a 20 year old girl is shagging some guy you want. Or else its sour grapes that her career is going places and yours isn't, hence your little blog. Whatever happened to your oh so wonderful source on the Bel Ami set? Still keep in touch with her? Can't she give you the scoop on what is currently going on?

blc said...

Last year Kristen said not kissing Rob was her idea so I assume it was hers this year since she didn't kiss him...again....pretty lame and not funny. Rob grabbing her and kissing her was funny and seemed spur of the moment and genuine....just sayin.

udontknowme22 said...

umm... it's a blog... not a freaking' news channel... so you kinda, um... ARE coming here for Gossip Boy's opinion! Time and Time again GB has stated this blog is for fun, if you don't like... DON'T COME HERE!!!

@anon 4:10... google "sanctimonious" ... it's easy to judge another persons desire to be anonymous when you don't have the chops to put your own name on your post!!!!

Hollowdoll said...

The site is called The Gossip Boy for a reason people. Relax, smile, don't take life so seriously. It's more than clear by now the stuff GB writes about. If it's going to get you angry and upset, move on it's not worth it. sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Everybody that has griped has said what I was thinking. So what if they don't want to kiss! Call the cops or file a lawsuit. Are you kidding me?!?
You, GB, do seem to have a way of contradicting yourself at times. This is coming from someone that usually enjoys your rhetoric. At times, you come off very cranky.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I enjoy traditions being occasionally shunned because if something becomes entirely predictable it likewise goes stale, at least for me. Be yourself without being offensive, and let the chips fall where they may.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and P.S. I think the way GB is being criticized for having and expressing a personal opinion is a bit much.. talk about cranky. Lighten up and let's keep it fun please ;)

Anonymous said...

Personally I think GB's onto something with the Dakota comment. Not Dakota in particular but I suspect girlfriend swings that way. Sorry Twihards, but I think Robsten's all PR, PR and more PR and they'll mysteriously split a few months after the whole Twilight franchise is over.

Anonymous said...

It was fine not to kiss last year, but to do it again this year was boring. Kissing on camera for an awards show can't be that different from kissing on camera for a film. Why so sullen about it, Stewart?

Gossip Boy, what's the story with these two? Whether they're together or just friends, he could do so much better.

Jolt said...

they win an award for 'best kiss', and they cant even humor the ones that voted them for it with a kiss? Are they so full of themselves they cant even lighten up and have fun with the award? Then why go to the damm show? Those two are so stuck up on themselves anymore with these stupid 'shy' games. Only the tweeny loons are into their charade anyway.
He's fugly and she's a closet dyke. Deal with it. These twilight freaks who trash Teds boards sure enjoy trashing this one too now.
Go kiss your twilight posters and leave us all alone.

Hawt said...

Whoa that stirred up the hive. You know scientists think they communicate right? One finds a glittering shirtless pic and it tells all the others where to find it. Alas it is all buzzing to me.

As for why they didn't kiss THIS year, I bet you might be on to something GB. Kristen's 'shyness' has publicly been morphing into an apathetic rebellion.

She could be fed up, tired, depressed or still clinging to the Joan Jett persona. I can't blame her for any of those after back to back filming as self-deprecating Bella but perhaps it's not just work weighing on her mind lately.

She needs to be a little more assertive with her own personality. So maybe some good will come out of all this.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up all you nasty posters, this is just a blog. It's not national security for goodness sake!

And PS, Kristen has permanent bitchface, that seems to be just the way she is. Nothing wrong with it either-


Anonymous said...

I just read that the MTV Movie Awards viewership numbers were terrible - down 13% from last year. I say good because for the most part it was so crude, rude, and juvenile that it did Hollywood a disservice. Sandra Bullock was it's only ray of sunshine IMO.

Anonymous said... already hinted that Rob is gay and was with Tom
suggesting that these now?
do not be like perez shit, you're better.

Anonymous said...

MTV is like a dried up old raisin. They will do and have everybody say just about anything to try and stay relevant. Wish they would just go dark already. There is nothing edgy about MTV any longer.

Anonymous said...

Many people think that Rob is gay.
The papz say that Rob is gay. Watch this vid at 8:50

Anonymous said...

Mtv and traditions - now that's a joke! Who cares if they didn't want to kiss in front of millions of viewers. They didn't ask people to vote for them for best kiss. I think they love their fans and are grateful for their awards but will not exploit their chemistry for public consumption. They are classy! Unlike your dig at Kristen. And why exactly do focus your negativity on Kristen - Rob was the on stage too.

Gabby said...

Thank you!!! The Ryan and Rachel kiss was sooooooooo hottt and I've been disappointed 2 years in a row... people are so obsessed with Twilight that they'll vote for them in any category, regardless of the fact that they KNOW robsten will not kiss on stage...aggravating ughhh

Anonymous said...

This blog is becoming more and more disappointing. "Don't be a bitch"? Seriously?