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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Week In Review

Chace Crawford's career got a jolt this week when the good boy gone bad was busted for possession of marijuana.  Poor guy was caught in a car with another dude and a joint that had yet to be lit.  Chace might not have been able to go through this ordeal with a buzz, but he did manage to pull off one of the sexiest mugshots in celebrity history.  And not only did he rock the mugshot, he rocked the cover of Los Angeles Confidential.

 Rue McClanahan passed away, leaving Betty White as the only Golden Girl left.
"Rue was a close and dear friend. I treasure our relationship," White, 88, said in a statement. "It hurts more than I ever thought it would, if that's even possible."

Rue was the legendary Blanche Deveraux on Golden Girls but she was also on a show I used to love called Mama's Family.  I love Rue and she will be deeply missed.  SNL should have grabbed her with Betty when they had the chance.

Legendary actor and director Dennis Hopper , 74, died Saturday from complications of prostate cancer.  He had been ill and friends say that he didn't look good, but his death still sent ripples through Hollywood.  I never got the chance to work with Dennis, but I met him one time years ago at a birthday celebration for a mutual friend.  He said one sentence to me, something that I will always remember.  I cannot exactly share it, but Dennis was a true great and every line he spoke should have been written down as they were filled with wisdom.  He even knew that Kristen Stewart was talented enough that he wanted to have a one-on-one with the actress.

Singer/Actress Sheryl Crow adopted her second son this week, Levi James.  Kevin Coster is trying to catch up to Kate Gosselin by having his seventh child this week with wife Christine.  Of course it's only her third, you know how Kevin do.  Celine Dion is expecting twins with her husband and I am a little worried.  How old is too old to be popping out kids?  Celine looks like she might break in half from a good sneeze, let alone carrying two babies.

Zack Morris is back on the market ladies and gents.  Mark Paul Gosselaar and his wife Lisa Ann separated after nearly 14 years.  Sad to hear that they split, but it is bad that all I can think of is that I wonder if maybe he is done with girls?

 Kristen Stewart stuck her foot in her mouth yet again this week.  Why can't these people learn that when you set up interviews anytime after 4:20 pm, the girl is going to gab too much.  She does much better with morning interviews, before the wake and bake.  Lay off the girl, you can see what she meant.  She didn't mean to go that far.
Miley Cyrus felt as if she was not being talked about enough and simulated a girl on girl kiss onstage.  Now she is mouthing off, telling people to get over it.  Hey Miley, got a tip for you.  If you are going to pretend to do something just for attention, then don't shit on them when they give it to you.  Or better yet, grow a set of balls to go with that raspy voice and kiss the dam girl!  Then you won't sound so annoying when you are defending yourself.  Eh...never mind, you still will.

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Anonymous said...

..the greats will be surely missed..and kristin is still young enough with a lot of years of trial and error..she'll look back and laugh, and grow from it, like we all should do...mark paul is still a cutie and wish him luck..