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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Did Justin Timberlake Lie To Get Laid?

On September 26th, Justin Timberlake attended a MySpace event and met the beautiful Olivia Munn.  Justin reportedly exchanged numbers with the woman and then began chasing the booty.  Reports are that he lied about breaking up with Jessica Biel to get a chance to bring sexy back with Munn. Munn reportedly took him back to her hotel where they were openly all over each other. 

Now I have heard from numerous sources that this story is completely true.  Including the fact that Justin and Jessica had a huge fight on Thursday evening and did in fact break up, only to make-up on Monday.  Seems that Justin is going to use the "We were on a break" defense.


Anonymous said...

I always thought Jessica was his beard.

Anyway, I do hope she breaks up with him and moves on. I can't imagine anyone actually wanting to sleep with that guy. I wouldn't even want to take a picture with him!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jessica and Justin relationship is a sham anyway