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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Taylor Swift Teams Up With Tom Cruise

Taylor Swift is on a roll this week.  After an encounter with all things Gyllenhaal, Taylor is now said to be up for a role in a movie opposite Tom Cruise.

The Broadway hit Rock Of Ages is making it's way to the big screen and Tommy has been offered a supporting role of a bartender.  Ahh...Cocktail. Anyway, Tom would be a singing bartender and belt out 80's hits while Miss Swift would play a small town girl trying to find her big break.

First of all, who the hell told these people Taylor Swift was an actress?  Sure, she pulled off playing a dead chick on one of the 1,000 CSI shows.  And yeah she made out with Taylor "Wolfie" Lautner in Valentine's Day.  But for the love of God, put her back on the radio.  Let her go back to "acting" in her music videos.  Why do some singers think that they can win an Oscar based on their ground breaking performance in the music video of their latest hit.

Don't get me wrong, some singers are amazing at acting and vice versa.  But we need a world with a little less Taylor Swift and I am not in the mood to pretend that I consider her an actress.


udontknowme22 said...

Bwah ah ah!!! So, tell us how you really feel GB :-)

Anonymous said...


Same is valid for the useless Justin Timberlake

Anonymous said...

Who told Tom Cruise that he could sing?

Anonymous said...

Forget acting, who told Taylor she could sing? And what drugs are the flimmakers taking?

Anonymous said...

GB, GB, GB... why didn't you mention that Jake G might be the lead in this movie? Anyway, I did my research now and the playlist killed me. Still, if someone else gets the part, I'll be listening to the songs at home. Weeping, maybe. :-P